Dark Gathering, a supernatural horror series, anime adaption announced for 2023

Enter a dark and dangerous realm of spirits and The supernatural with Dark Gathering, airing in 2023.

Dark Gathering is an eerie supernatural horror manga written by the writer and artist Kenichi Kondou. Dark Gathering began publishing in 2019 as well as its TV Anime adaptation has been confirmed for 2023.

The official trailer teaser for the anime’s upcoming release showcases the story’s supernatural and scary elements through a collection of manga-inspired images.

Dark Gathering follows the story of Keitaro Gentouga. He is a student at the college who hates ghosts and is able to attract them. He suffered a supernatural injury due to his abilities two years ago and his companion was involved in the battle.

This tragic event led Keitarou to be an in-law with poor social abilities. Fortunately, his childhood friend Eiko Houzuki assists him in integrating with the rest of society and starting his journey to recovery.

He chooses to take on a part-time job as a private tutor. The first student he tutors is Eiko’s cousin Yayoi Houzuki. She is a young prodigy. As Keitaro, she has a spiritual gift. But, she is determined to meet spirits and locate the spirit who took her mother.

Keitaro quickly finds himself in a direction that takes to a deeper dive into the realm of the supernatural as they search for spirits. He hopes that by confronting them with a straight face, he could be able to break free of the curse that has enslaved his power. However, there are dangers around every corner, and the three search for clues as they form unusual and memorable bonds.

The voice actors and their staff are yet to be announced the director of Dark Gathering has been announced. Hiroshi Ikehata is the director of this series. He is well-known for his amazing work on anime films like TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You, Kiratto Prichan Season 2, and Bem Film: To Become Human.


Enter the dark realm of supernatural creatures and spirits to find out what’s going on in Dark Gathering, scheduled to air in 2023. The exact release date is been awaited. Be sure to visit our anime section for more awesome videos!


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