Dark Souls Remastered PC servers are back online

Dark Souls Remastered PC servers are back online

You can now play Dark Souls Remastered in PvP and E with FromSoftware after nearly a year.

According to FromSoftware, the Dark Souls Remastered PC servers have been restored online after servers from the Dark Souls series were taken offline due to safety concerns. This was to prevent hacker attacks. Although the original Prepare To Die Edition PC servers will not be returning, 2018 remaster RPG game is now available online.

According to the official Dark Souls Twitter account, “Online features for Dark Souls Remastered on PC have been activated.” We are grateful for your understanding and patience once more.

All Dark Souls online servers were deactivated at the beginning of 2022 due to an online Remote Code Execution hack. This could have allowed in-game invaders access to your computer. Bandai Namco, FromSoftware and other security experts deactivated all servers. Dark Souls 3 servers were brought back online earlier in the year. Dark Souls 2 was also released relatively recently.

It’s the ideal time to re-enter Dark Souls Remastered or play multiplayer games . Many players want players to get back into PvP, and/or PvE to revive the game’s online presence. You can join a community event if you wait for a few weeks.

The annual event, called Return to Lordran is a time when Dark Souls Remastered players can flood back into the game. This helps to make the online aspects of the game look fresh. It will be in effect for four weeks once servers have returned, which they already have. Make sure you get your PvP builds ready to go for some action.

The RCE exploit that was released with Elden Ring was a real threat to FromSoftware’s servers and online experience. It’s a great relief to see all the Dark Souls series up and running again, with its unique approach to multiplayer interaction, which is now available to everyone.

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