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Days Gone Patch notes – 1.81 – All the performance improvements, progression blocks, fixes and all the latest news regarding


Download Days Gone 1.81 for PS4 and PS5. According to the official Days Gone 1.81 patch notes the most recent update brought quality of life improvements and changes. Days Gone 1.81 today also contains stability and performance improvements.


Days Gone Patch Notes 1.81

These are the patch notes for the update.

  • Performance improvements
  • Various crash fixes were addressed.
  • Stability improvements in general.
  • Some minor audio issues were fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes

Days Gone Patch Notes 1.80

These are the patch notes for the update.

Performance Improvements

  • Various crash fixes
  • General improvements in stability and optimization

Progression Blockers

  • Addressed multiple mission blockers
  • Fixed blocker that allows you to get locked into Iron Mike’s cabin during mission “Riding Nomad”.
  • Approximate download size: 20GB

Days Gone Patch Notes 1.70

These are the patch notes for the update.


General Fixes

  • Shader optimization is performance improvements for texture loading, streaming and streaming
  • General stream improvements
  • There are fixes for various cinematics that use low-resolution textures
  • Photomode bug fixes
  • Challenge Mode Fixes
  • Missions: Fixes to various bugs
  • Fixed issue: The player could be invulnerable.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the controller to continue rumbling

Days Gone Patch Notes 1.61

These are the patch notes for the update.

General Fixes

  • You should be able to obtain the bounty “Better To Light One Candle” properly
  • General optimization for certain missions
  • Scoring will be applicable when oxygen tanks are used in the “Reloaded Challenge”
  • If you fail to complete the mission, “The Anarchist spy” will reset all traps.
  • Fixed the light of the mission “Out of Nowhere” helicopter
  • Before the game is fully downloaded, optimize your system.
  • General improvements to stability and optimization

Days Gone Patch Notes 1.60

These are the patch notes for the update.

Infestation Zones , Ambush Camps and Reset Hordes

  • All open-world Hordes, Infestation Zones and Ambush Camps can be reset by players
  • You can reset the jobs as many times you wish



  • Complete the story mission “For An Outlaw Biker”
  • You can get any of the Storylines “Horde Killer”, Ambush Camp Killer, or “Infestation Exterminator” 100% complete
    • Only players can reset their jobs after they have completed the Storyline at 100%.

How to reset your Hordes, Ambush Camps and Infestation Zones

  • You must ensure that you have met all of the requirements.
  • Save your game
  • Click “Options”.
  • Select “Reset Jobs”
  • Choose the job you want to change!
    • You can always reset your job as many times you wish.

View all Horde Locations

Death Stranding Bicycle Tanks and Other

You can unlock the Death Stranding tanks both in New Game+ or when you start a New Game

  • Death Stranding Tank
  • Death Stranding: BB tank
    • Both tanks are only available from the Diamond Lake Mechanical Shop
  • Death Standing Decal
  • Death Standing: BB Decal
    • Any valid mechanic can purchase decals
  • Death Standing:
    • Any valid mechanic can apply this frame paint

General Fixes


  • There have been general improvements in stability and optimization
  • Various Crash Fixes
  • General audio adjustments
  • In certain challenges, the ammo counter should display exactly as it was intended.
  • It should be shown (?) During bike chases, the UI should be shown(?)
  • If the player is killed, infestation nests should be repopulated properly.
  • The correct weapon stats should be displayed on the merchant’s weapon stats page
  • New Game+: The skill “Up The Ante”, which provides more ammo for 6MM on BND-150, will now be available in New Game+
  • The score for the challenge “Reloaded”, has been adjusted
  • When you start New Game+, certain trophy progress should be transferred correctly
  • Cloverdale Research Facility has completed the work of a specific character and they have made their way to Iron Mike’s

Accessibility Features

  • Mode UI High Contrast Color
  • Aiming with a new linear option

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