Death Stranding Director’s Cut arrives on PC in March with a $10 upgrade fee

In just two months, Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be available on PC.

Overnight, Kojima Productions announced the release date for their re-release. It will be available in just over two months. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is available for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store starting March 30th. It will cost $10 to upgrade base players.

The Death Stranding Director’s cut was originally released for the PS5 in September last year. It was originally intended to be a PS5 only release. This re-release included a lot of technical bells. These included a 60 frame per second performance boost, adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and more.

The Director’s Cut for PC will include ultra-wide monitor support and Xe Super Sampling. It’s unclear if the PC version will have an uncapped frame rate. However, we do know that it will run at 60FPS.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut adds new gameplay features to appeal to a wider audience of players on PC. You can now take the Mazer Gun into the field and play a full-blown racing game. There are also new story-related missions that you can undertake as Sam Porter Bridges. This is a great deal for $10, even though Hideo Kujima doesn’t like the naming convention.

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