Deathloop is coming to Xbox soon

September 14, 2022

Death loop was originally a PS5 as well as PC exclusive it will be released on the Xbox in the near future!

“If at first, you don’t succeed.. Die, die Again.” That’s the famous box art saying that describes Deathloop the first-person shooter created by Arkane Lyon and released through Bethesda Softworks. While initially an exclusive for Playstation 5 and PC exclusive it is now highly rated and will be arriving on Xbox in the near future.

Xbox players who had been impatiently waiting for this game have been pleasantly surprised when they signed in to view the Deathloop title card on the Xbox store. With the words “coming soon,” it’s easy to determine the possibility that Deathloop will be out on the Xbox within the shortest amount of time.

Although clicking on the title for Deathloop will redirect you to the homepage of the store This is most likely because the website for Deathloop isn’t up and running yet. This shouldn’t dampen your excitement over the upcoming title.

Death loop is a game where players are in control of Colt the famous assassin who’s trapped in a loop repeated over and over. Colt must eliminate 8 targets before the day is over and he’ll be forced to start the loop over again.

It is also a possible role of Julianna can play in other players’ games and try to stop players from killing the eight targets. Although this feature for multiplayer is not required, it provides uncertainty to the game which is truly its bread and butter.


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