Deepwoken Light Weapons Wiki

Deepwoken light Weapons – Guns, Daggers and Rapiers – All light weapons arranged from worst to most and where they can be found

Deepwoken Light Weapons: Daggers

These are the Daggers ranked from worst to most valuable and where they can be purchased.

  • Stiletto: Choose Light Weapon during Character Creation. You can buy it at Etris or get it from Erisia.
  • Parry Dagger is a weapons shop in Etris. It can be purchased for 25 Notes and requires 10 light weaponry training
  • Gilded Knife Erisia chests
  • Silver Dagger can be bought at Summer Isle for 45 notes and can also be found in Erisia
  • Canor Fur – By enemy NPC chests at Songseeker Isles or Minityrsa
  • Whaling Knife– This knife is often dropped from the Aratel Sea ship battle.
  • Champion’s Dagger found at Starswept Valley
  • Central Dirk is a rare drop from King Thresher. It’s better to use a Krulian Knife than grind for it.
  • Tanto is located at Starswept Valley
  • Nemit’s Sickle– Songseeker Isles and Minityrsa for 150 notes
  • Krulian Knife Drops from Ferryman during Winter Season

Deepwoken Light Weapons: Fists

These are the Fists sorted from worst to most and where you can find/buy them.

  • Fist – Navaen Nomad Hostage – Way of Navae orAmara & Captain’s Recc ( Legion Kata
  • Iron Cestus – Erisia Chests, Songseeker Chests, Summer Isle Chests
  • Legion Cestus Lower Erisia – Songseeker Wilds Starswept Valley, and Golem Constructions chests
  • Jus Karita Navaen Nomad hostage ( Way of Navae orAmara & Captain’s Rec ( Legion Kata
  • FlamekeeperCestus – Primadon, The Depths and Fort Merit Starswept Valley chests

Deepwoken Light Weapons: Guns

These are the guns ranked from worst to most valuable and where they can be purchased.

  • Flintlock– Purchased for 100 Summer Isle notes
  • Revolver– purchased in Summer Isle for 200 notes
  • Dragoon can be bought in Summer Isle for 500 notes and 65 Light Weapon Points to equip it


These are the Rapiers ranked from worst to most valuable and where they can be purchased.

  • Apprentice Rapier via chests at Starswept Valley and The Depths.
  • Inquisitor’s Thorn Starswept Valley, Deep Widow and The Depths.
  • Crucible Rapier in Starswept Valley and the Rogue Hive Constructions on Minitrysa


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