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Deepwoken Medium Armors – Swords and Spears, as well as Clubs – The Medium weapons sorted from worst to most effective and where they can be found

Deepwoken Medium Weapons-Swords

These are the Swords ranked from worst to most valuable and where they can be purchased.

  • Sword– Start with it by choosing a medium weapon during Character Creation
  • Messer – Weapon Shop at Etris
  • Falchion is a product of Lower Erisia’s chests
  • Scimitar– From chests found in Erisia
  • Katana is obtained from chests located in Minityrsa or Songseeker Wilds
  • Worshipper Longsword-obtained from chests of Minityrsa
  • Officer Saber, obtained from Fort Merit or The Depths
  • Vigil Longsword– Chests from Songseeker Wilds and Minityrsa
  • Champion’s Sword dropped by mobs at Starswept Valley
  • Cavalry Saber Available from both Summer Isle and Depths chests
  • Shotel – Songseeker Isles Minityrsa
  • Warden Ceremonial Sword– Obtainable from chests in Fort Merit or The Depths
  • Razor Cutlass – Songseeker Minityrsa
  • Forgotten Gladius is a relic from Primadon and Starswept Valley
  • Serpent’s Edge The Depths and Killing Primadon. You can find it on Summer Island by giving over “Explosion” boxes. You can also get it from the Duke Erisia’s chests.
  • Shattered Katana is a rare drop from chests at high-level locations such as The Starswept Valley or The Depths.

Deepwoken Medium Weapons: Spears

These are the Spears ranked from worst to most popular and where you can find/buy them.

  • Iron Spear– Purchased for 25 Notes at the Weapon Store
  • Gremorian Longspear Navae Nomads on Etris and Summer Isle & ANY Chests
  • Ritual Spear– Buy it at the Etris weapon shop
  • Acheron’s Warspear: Defeating a Corrupted Kings Thresher in The Depths
  • Trident Spear – The Depths and Summer Isle, Minityrsa & Primadon, Nyanna & Upper Erisia Fishing
  • Serrated Warspear– From The Duke
  • Rifle Spear can be obtained from Primadon or Fort Merit chests
  • True Seraph’s Spear King threshers

Clubs Deepwoken Medium Weapons

These are the clubs ranked from worst to most valuable and where you can find/buy them.

  • Mace is available at the Weaponry shop at Etris
  • Sacred Hammer – found in the Songseeker wilds, Starswept Valley and the Monkey’s Paw of the Primadon


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