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Deepwoken Shields Wiki: Targe Shield Kite Shield and Worshipper Shield – How do you get all the shields and what they require


Targe Shield

How to get the Targe Shield: It can be purchased in the weaponry section at Etris or from Erisia’s chests.


Information: This shield is the worst in the game. It is lower tier than the Khan, Khan, and Worshipper shields.

Deepwoken Shields Wiki – Kite Shield

How to get the Kite Shield



Information: This model resembles a knight’s shield.

Deepwoken Shields Wiki – Worshipper Shield

How to get the Worshipper Shield

Requirements: requires 45 fortitude to wield


  • It has a better posture buff than both the Targe Shield and Kite Shield but is still lower than that of the Khan Shield.
  • Available at Lance’s Food, Etris to Ploom’s right
  • Also available from Songseeker Wilds chests

Deepwoken Shields Wiki – Khan Shield

How to get the Khan Shield: You can find it in chests in Starswept Valley and Lower Erisia.


Requirements: It also requires 60 Fortitude in order to use


  • It has a better posture buff than the Targe and Kite Shield.
  • The Shield category includes the Khan Shield, which is a side weapon.
  • The current best shield in the game.

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