Destiny 2 and future Bungie games will stay cross-platform after Sony purchase

After Sony’s acquisition of the studio, Destiny 2 will continue to be available on multiple platforms.

Sony’s announcement about Bungie’s acquisition makes it clear that the Destiny Studio will remain an independent developer of multiplatform games. And in an interview with Gamesindustry.biz(opens in new tab), Sony CEO Jim Ryan went into further detail, specifically confirming that Destiny 2 and future Bungie games will remain multiplatform.

Ryan stated, “The first thing I can say is that Bungie will remain an independent, multiplatform publisher and studio.” “Pete Parsons, Bungie CEO, and I have discussed many things in recent months and this was one the first and easiest conclusions we came to together.

“Everybody wants to see the huge Destiny 2 community on whatever platform it is, be able continue to enjoy their Destiny 2 experiences. This approach will be applied to future Bungie releases. This is unambiguous.”

Ryan said that Sony’s Bungie purchase “isn’t about pulling things in to the PlayStation world,” drawing a philosophical distinction with this purchase and Microsoft’s recent high-profile acquisitions. This was done partly as a way for the company to expand its Game Pass offerings. Ryan suggested that future Sony acquisitions will be influenced by the game philosophy.


Ryan stated, “We should expect more.” Ryan said, “We are not done.” We still have a lot of work ahead of us with PlayStation. Personally, I will be spending most of my time with Pete at Bungie. Helping to ensure that everything is in order and autonomy is achieved. We have more moves to make elsewhere in the company.

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