Destiny 2 Illicit Cheat Shops These will buy more than three million dollars

After a deal was reached between the parties, Bungie has to pay 13 million dollars in compensation for cheating stores, including Elite Boss Tech and Veterancheats. This avoids a court case.

The company was prepared to take action against these illegal digital stores. They were selling Destiny 2 tricks (how Aim Bot and Extra Experience points), which would not only make it difficult for the player to use the online shooter correctly, but also make him subject to continuous anti-cheat surveillance, which will continue for a lifetime.

The agreements state that the US obtained the digital Millennium Copyright Act from the United States. This translates to approximately 6765 unique downloadings of the program through the online stores. They also took into consideration their responsibility for the intentional creation and sale illicit cheats that were programmed to bypass Bungie’s defensive systems so Destiny 2 could use them.

American companies have been trying for some time to stop the spread x-rays of similar digital stores. Last year Bungie and Riot Games legalized against specific cheat makers in Destiny 2 or Valorant. GatorCheatsin tried to stop his activities.

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