Destiny 2 season 18 release date, new raid, Arc 3.0 details, and more

Destiny 2 Season 18 will soon be released. Here’s everything you need to know about it, including Arc 3.0 and new raids.

Destiny 2 season 18 has arrived and is shaping up to be an amazing show. We are more excited than ever about finally discovering the truth about the Traveler, and the secrets to the Light and Darkness as the storyline ends after a decade.

Season 18 of Destiny 2 promises surprises. However, it looks like there will be a mix of new content and throwbacks from the original Destiny. Players will have lots to look forward to in the months ahead, including a new raid, an Arc class overhaul, PvP improvements, and other quality of life improvements.


Season 18 Release Date, Time, and Name

Season 17 will end on August 23. This will allow players to move directly into season 18. Season launch events are usually held at the same times as the weekly resets on Tuesdays at 1pm EDT/ 6pm BST/ 7pm CEST.

This launch is scheduled to coincide with Bungie’s Destiny 2 Lightfall showcase. It will take place a full season earlier than many expected. Bungie will announce the name of season 18 and reveal where the story will go next. Bungie claims Lightfall will solve some of the most important plot points in the franchise when it launches on 2023.

Bungie sometimes needs to maintain server servers between seasons. Season 17 will end several hours before the reset time. Players won’t have access to Destiny 2 during this period. Make sure you complete any seasonal quests and bounties at least a few hours prior to the season launch. Server overload can also cause login problems that last up to an hour, so players might need to log in several times before they are able to access the new season.

Bungie used the standard practice of calling season 18 “Season of the [REDACTED]” when naming it. The season’s full name will be revealed closer to its release date.


Season 18 campaign and season pass

Season 17’s campaign culminated with players getting their first glimpse at The Witness. This will likely continue through season 18. The Witness is the leader of the Black Fleet, which caused Io, Mars, and Titan to disappear before the Beyond Light expansion. Players don’t know much about it.

Seasonal content passes can be purchased by players who have already purchased the Beyond Light expansion. They will receive several weeks of story missions and access to seasonal activities.

This is in line with what players get every season. Bungie has also been quiet about the details of the next season’s weapon. Pass holders have had the opportunity to access a seasonal artifact over the years, which can be leveled up to unlock armor modifications.


Arc 3.0 Update: Format, aspects, & Fragments

Bungie already confirmed that an Arc rework will be coming to the game following the recent Void- and Solar overhauls. The rework is expected to be released at the start of season 18.

Players should prepare by unlocking Arc class fragments and aspects. This allows players more freedom to customize their character builds and adapt to their individual playstyles. Similar to the Void, Solar, and Stasis elements, there will likely be a series of quests that you must complete to unlock Arc aspects as well as additional objectives to unlock fragments.


What is the new Destiny 2 raid called?

Season 18 will feature new seasonal content, an overhaul of the Arc subclass, and a new raid. Bungie will bring back the raid from the original Destiny. This isn’t the first time that recycled content has been given a new coat of paint. The Vault of Glass reworked and the now-derelict Leviathan from season 17 are two examples of this happening.

Some community members speculate that King’s Fall will be the raid returning to the game. This raid was originally released in Destiny’s original Destiny as part of The Taken King expansion. Many consider it one of the greatest expansions in the franchise’s eight-year history. Savathun’s reference to The Taken King Rising again suggests that Oryx, the raid’s boss, may return to the game in some way. There is a strong chance that players will be able to experience a modified version of the classic raid.

Some speculate that the next season will see Rasputin return, making the content release a SIVA season. This suggests that Wrath of the Machine could be the raid’s returning target.

Crota’s End is the final candidate for the returning raid. However, some players argue that it is too short. Developers would need to substantially rework the raid to make it compatible with Destiny 2’s current meta.

Bungie has provided some details about the raid for players to help them prepare. The raid will live at 10 am PDT / 12 noon EDT / 6 pm BST / 7pm CT. Contest Mode will be activated for the first 24hrs. For all encounters, players must be at least 1560. Clearing the raid in Contest Mode will unlock Challenge Mode and a Triumph that can be used to complete all challenge Triumphs.

World’s First, a Bungie-endorsed competition that determines which raid team is the first to complete a raid. If a team is the first to achieve a secret Challenge Mode Triumph, they will be the World’s First. If a team fails to meet the Success Conditions for any encounter, they will be wiped out.


Season 18 PVP: Crucible and Iron Banner Details

Season 18 will bring many changes to PvP activities. Season 17’s Iron Banner introduced two new PvP game modes: the Rift and Disjunction. These were set in Savathun’s Throneworld. They will not be joining the Crucible pool. Bungie will also make changes to its skill-based matchmaking system, which will take into account player connection quality.

Iron Banner will also receive a new mode called Eruption. This is basically Clash with energy boosts that are based on killstreaks.

Weapons, sandboxes, and quality-of-life changes

Bungie made several adjustments to weapon balance in season 17. These included modifications to Airborne Effectiveness penalties and buffs to shotguns and glaives. These changes will be carried over to season 18, as Bungie continues to refine and iterate its balancing in the lead-up to the new season.

The loot pool also contains several weapons. These include Iron Banner drops Peacebond, Archon’s thunder, Nightfall weapon PLUG 1.1, and The Hothead. Also, Trials of Osiris weapons Eye of Sol, and The Summoner.

Gunsmith bounties will be updated to make it easier for players to level up their characters. Bounties now award 50 reputations, instead of 25; dismantling Legendary or Exotic weapons will now earn five reputations.

This is our breakdown of the Destiny 2 season 18 content. You can prepare for the next season by building your Titan, Warlock, or Hunter build with our Destiny 2 and Void 30.0 build guides.

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