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All valid Roblox Developer Simulator codes in one updated listing – Roblox Games By Parallex Games – Redeem these codes to get in-game cash and purchase new books, computers and workers to accelerate your progress


Roblox Developer Simulator codes – Complete List

These codes can be used to get in-game cash or to buy new books, computers and workers to accelerate your progress


Both active and valid codes

These are the valid codes

  • HIRING Redeem this code to get 30 Credits (New).
  • 1MVisitsCode – Use this code to redeem Ads, Luck, and Coffee Boost (New).
  • 5KLikes – Use this code to get Ads, Luck, and a Coffee Boost
  • BoostsOP – Use this code to get Ads, Luck Boost, and Coffee
  • 2KLikes – Redeem this code to get Coffee and Ads
  • Russo – Get this code for $250
  • Roblerom – Redeem this code to get $500
  • JeffBlox: Get this code for $500
  • Kanshy – Get this code for 500
  • Release – Get $100 off with this code

We will soon add more codes to our list. Keep following us and we will keep you updated about any new or free gifts.

Developer Simulator ROBLOX Social Media Channels

  • Parallex Games: Discord
  • Twitter: @triples_25
  • Youtube: ? ?
  • Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/11716909/Parallex-Games#!/about

Codes that are expired

These codes are no longer valid:

We would love to have more codes so leave us a comment.


Roblox Developer Simulator codes – How do you redeem?

Start Roblox Developer Simulator. Click on the Menu button (left-hand side of screen), click the Twitter icon, and type the code. Click the arrow to claim your gifts. You can save errors by copying and pasting the codes from our list. We have already tested them.

This video demonstrates how to redeem codes (video by YouTube Gaming Dan).

How do you play Developer Simulator Roblox Game by Parallex Games

The game now has a new SECRET area. Can you find it? (Hint: Ladder)

Developer Simulator is a fusion game that allows anyone to become a developer.


To gain knowledge, read books!
Earn money by converting your studio knowledge!
To speed up your progress, buy new books, computers and workers!

Join our group “Parallex Games” for a exclusive codes & group chest https://www.roblox.com/groups/11716909/Parallex-Games

Youtube Simulator – Inspiration

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