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Devil May Cry 5 – Best Mods (2022)

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Top Mods – Weapons and objects, utilities, models and textures, and more Mods Available!

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – Dynamic MGR OST Collection Mod

Dynamic versions of each vocal track from Metal the soundtrack of Gear Rising.

Get Dynamic MGR’s OST Collection MOD here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – Vergil Twerk Taunt Mod

Vergil throws his body to meet Dante. Also has an alternative where the double gangster will dance as well as a custom-made song to accompany the taunt.

  • Version 1.0
    • First Nexus Release

Download Vergil Twerk Taunt Mod here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – Vine Boom Ebony And Ivory Mod


Click here to download Vine Boom Ebony and Ivory Mod here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – COOP Trainer For Devil May Cry 5 Mod

In Divergence Mode (play in the role of Nero, Dante, or V in any mission) The game has more playable Coop missions as well as Bloody Palace Coop with up to four gamers (Nero, Dante, V, and Vergil) Different graphics options and Boss Swap features for M19 and 20; ability to alter dirt levels; Ability to use force to Battle Background Music

Download COOP Trainer to Devil May Cry 5 Mod > here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – Fluffy Manager 5000 Mod

Mod manager to modify PAK file within Devil May Cry 5

Get Fluffy Manager 5500 Mod here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – SSSiyan’s Collaborative Cheat Trainer Mod

“SSSiyan’s Collaborative Cheat Table It is a Cheat Table converted into a trainer which contains modifications, cheats, and tweaks created by Devil May Cry fans all across the globe.

Download SSSiyan’s Collaborative Cheat Training Mod here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – Nero DMC4 Face And Hair Mod

DMC4 Face and Hair.

DMC4 Face:

Corrected the mole which was appearing on Nero’s left cheek.

Initial release, not thoroughly tested.

DMC4 Hair:


Refined textures once more with an option for EX clothing color. updated the mod to the most recent versions of games, and also fixed the material glitch that occurred during the end of the flashback dismemberment of an arm cutscene.


The added physics have been refined and the textures have.

Get Nero DMC4 Face and Hair Mod here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – Devil Sword Nero Mod

A blade was born in Nero and took Nero’s Red queen into his own body. The weapon has both his name as well as his angst.

  • Version 1.5
    • Correction of texture issues that occur when the wet ground is hit
    • Colors are now more stable
    • Add 2 additional colors, Light blue, and light pink
  • Version 1.4
    • More Exceed effects added.
    • Slight adjustments to the textures and model.
  • Version 1.3
    • The color changes were added to the flames.

The Devil’s Sword Nero Download MOD here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – Turbo Mode And Character Swapper Mod

Cheat Engine Tables For Switching Characters and Turbo Mode

Important: read the readme to find installation instructions

Download Turbo Mode, and Character Swapper Mod here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – Vergil Chair Mod


Download Vergil Chair Mod here

Devil May Cry 5 Best Mods – DMC1 Dante (MHW) Mod

Replaces Dante’s normal costume and EX costume by wearing DMC1. DMC1 coat.

Replaces Dante’s standard and EX costume by wearing his DMC1 costume from MHW.
Additional Replacements Include:

  • Dante’s hair has been replaced with a shorter version that is tighter to attempt the style of DMC1 as well as DMC1 in the DMC anime. M10 Dante is the one with the shorter DMC1-esuqe hair, while M11+ Dante has hair that is longer.
  • The head and nose of Dante are a little less broad in order to give him a bit of a younger appearance (I think? ).
  • Dante’s normal maps and texture are altered to de-age his appearance a little. Hair removal via transparency of the hair texture.

I put this together over the course of one day, as I was frustrated with a tool play around with the issue. So the rigging seems a bit haphazard.
I’d recommend getting someone who understands the procedure to check it.

Be aware there are multiple versions of heads that are being modified, so anything that alters the mesh of Dante’s head won’t work. I had to trim his chest.

The DMC1 download is available here. (MHW) Modification 3. here

Devil Bringer Mod

Replaces Nero’s right arm with Devil Bringer.

Download Devil Bringer Mod > here

Style Switch Text Effects Mod

Sends out glowing texts when it detects a style change.

Get Style Switch text for download Effects Mod here

Hellfire Vergil Mod

Fire effects for the majority of Yamato or Mirage attacks as well as a revamp for Vergil’s coat, as well as SDT


  • Version v1.1.1
    • An error my part caused an error on my part that made the Blue version incompatible with the “Red Queen Color Pack” mod as well as that mod, the “Nero Glow Effects Color Pack” mod. This has been fixed.
  • Version v1.1
    • Vergil is no longer in his default outfit in mission 20.

Get Hellfire Vergil mod for download here

Devil Sword Vergil (PoC Yamato)

PoC Version of DSV

Get it now! Devil Sword Vergil (PoC Yamato) Mod > here

DS4 And Switch Pro Controller Layout Mod

It replaces the Xone button layout with the PS4/Switch Pro Controller buttons.


  • Version 1.0
    • Initial release.

Download DS$ and The Switch Pro Controller Layout Mode here

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