Devs Talk About Street Fighter 6’s Hip-Hop Music and Culture Influences

The creators of Street Fighter 6 discuss the game’s fundamental themes and environment, with the culture and music of hip-hop being the main influencers.

One of Capcom’s most eagerly anticipated games is present Street Fighter 6 and there is plenty of publicity and focus being paid to it. The game was first revealed via a teaser trailer on February 1, and the video shown during the PlayStation State of Play in June was sufficient to get fans excited for the latest installment. Initial reviews of Street Fighter 6 have given the game an appealing image, and many were intrigued by the latest additions and enhancements, such as cross-play, or rollback net code.

Street Fighter 6‘s roster was also highly praised, with characters returning such as Ryu Chun-Li, Ryu, and Guile all sporting new styles which fit into the massive time skip following the release of Street Fighter 3. Additionally, Street Fighter 6 newcomers such as Kimberly received praise for their distinct design in music, gameplay, and style that gave the game a strong common theme: being an urban-style streetfighter. The influences of the much more grounded Street Fighter game were discussed by the game’s creators in an interview recently, which highlighted how hip-hop was an integral part of Street Fighter 6.

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In an interview with the media website SPIN the producer Shuhei Matsumoto as well as lead composer, Yoshiya Terayama talked about what fans can expect from the game and how hip-hop culture has influenced the game. Terayama particularly mentions that the music in Street Fighter 6 is intended to be distinctive and represents a new era for the series while taking into consideration and mixing the hip-hop styles with the aspects of the franchise’s music.

Matsumoto highlights the many ways Street Fighter 6 exhibits hip-hop influence, noting the elements of DJ music, rap graffiti, and dancing are all part of the game in some manner. The game’s previous games like the original Street Fighter and Street Fighter 3 included these elements Street Fighter 6 is the ultimate example. Terayama clearly states that the aim of this soundtrack was to make music that fans can sing along to.

Terayama is also able to explain that the culture and the country of the characters were considered when writing the theme songs, with instruments being tuned so that it accurately represents the character. The songs also address different aspects that are part of the new fighting game, like Street Fighter 6‘s World Tour single-player mode. Terayama declares that because the players will be walking around Metro City, there are certain elements that fans of the Capcom series Final Fight might recognize. Both state that all these elements contribute to the creation of a contemporary Street Fighter that is appreciated by many players.

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