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August 19, 2022

Perhaps developers were willing to give up the pastegen.

Perhaps the developers abandoned pastegen.

Players noticed that the Diablo 4 website did not mention any previous generation consoles. Developers did not open pre-registration for beta testing. Three target platforms were mentioned by the developers: Xbox, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Important to remember that the page code still contains key information for new generation consoles. They are just hidden by CSS.

Diablo 4 was initially planned to be released on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The game’s developers announced that it would be available on the next generation consoles but did not announce that they would no longer publish on older consoles.

The details of Diablo 4 were announced in 2019, but no details have been released. It will be released in 2023.

It’s so exciting!

Big Beta 4.1 has been released for Mount and Blade 2; Basic improvements have been made.

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