Diablo Immortal whale spends $100k, loses access to PvP

Diablo Immortal whale spends $100k, loses access to PvP

Diablo Immortal whale jtisallbusiness says that they have been denied access to battlegrounds as well as Rite of Exile PvP games after investing $100,000 USD in Blizzard’s RPG

Diablo Immortal PvP games are now unavailable only to one Whale player since they spent $100,000 dollars to upgrade their character on Blizzard’s free to play RPG. This has made them ineligible to participate in battlegrounds or in the Immortal clan competition Rite of Exile.

Youtuber as well as Diablo Immortal streaming player jtisallbusiness claims they’ve waited for “48 to 72 hours” waiting for their names to be placed in an online queue for a battlegrounds match and each time, the game ends with no game. It’s a bit frustrating because the clan of jtisallbusiness has recently won their first Rite of Exile battle on their server, which enshrines them as reigning Immortals jtisallbusiness has been repeatedly getting messages telling them to “prepare to defend their reign” by playing battlegrounds but then they discover that battlegrounds tournaments aren’t accessible.


Another issue can be also the Rite of Exile match itself. The Immortal clan led by jtisallbusiness is expected to protect its dominance over the server, however when jtisallbusiness goes to the Rite of Exile entrance to join the clan they aren’t given an opportunity to join the clan or to schedule a match. It is believed that this could be due to an issue related to their account, jtisallbusiness has tried to either quit their clan or transfer the leadership to a different player. But, they’re not able to complete either of these options which means that the player jtisallbusiness as well as other clan members cannot register at their participation in the Rite of Exile event.

Jtisallbusiness believes that of their 300 clan members 30-40 have invested at least $1000 USD on upgrading their characters after achieving Immortal status. If the clan can’t be officially registered to participate in an event like the Rite of Exile, their adversaries will have to face an assortment of NPCs and have the chances of winning the Immortals’ crown.

Regarding their personal persona, jtisallbusiness says they’ve invested $100,000 USD in Diablo Immortal and believes that the reason they’re currently not able to find PvP matches is due to the fact that the game “spent a ton of money right at the start” that meant they had played “100 battlegrounds without losing”. The rout of victories could have made jtisallbusiness’s matchmaking rating (MMR) over other gamers on the Diablo Immortal servers which means they are not able to match them with the right opponent.

JTISALLBUSINESS states that they’ve thought about asking for a refund of money they’ve put into their character declaring that “if this character can never be in BG [battlegrounds] again, I don’t want this character”. They claim to have also reached out to Blizzard support through the forums as well as on Twitter and claim that they have been informed by the developers that that the problem has been “MMR based”. PCGamesN has also reached out to Blizzard in relation to this issue and will send any updates that occur.

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