Dinkum – How To Install Mods

Before you start modding Dinkum, you should make sure to backup your save file.Your save is located here : C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\LocalLow\James Bendon

How do you install mods?

The best place to obtain modifications for Dinkum can be found at Nexus.


The creator of Dinkum has announced that they’re looking to support native mods following Early Access, for now we have to use ways of injecting code within Dinkum.


1) Download BepInEx 6: BepInEx 6

2.) Extract the contents of the BepInEx folder to the same folder as Dinkum.exe



3.) Play the game like normal to configure BepInEx and create the required files.

4.) Close game

5.) It is now possible to have a plugins folder in BepInEx’s directory where you can store all the modified .dll files.


Mods list

The mods list is available at NexusMods’ website. NexusMods website.

When you have finished downloading the mod, extract MOD_NAME.dll into the “Dinkum/BepinEx/plugins” folder.


After that, relax and enjoy.

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