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Disney Dreamlight How to get Dream Shards

Disney Dreamlight How to get Dream Shards

Disney Dreamlight How to gain Dream Shards – Best farming techniques and spots, as well as the main reasons to use them (Dreamlight, Purified Night Shard, and tons of Quests)


If you’re not aware of the meaning behind them, Dream Shards are sparkling pink gems that can show up in random places In this guide, we’ll show you how to harvest them efficiently.

Disney Dreamlight How to get Dream Shards – Farming Methods

There are three ways to earn Dream Shards: Clear Night Thorns You can feed Animals Their Favourite Food, and dig up sparkling Ground.

Clear Night Thorns

It’s the most efficient way to earn Dream Shards in the early game. Since the entire area is populated with Night Thorns, you just need to get rid of thorns and not go on until you drop Dream Shards. Once they are removed, they will reappear the next time. Therefore, the technique won’t stop working in the late and mid game

Feed Animals Their Favorite Food

They can only be fed daily If you offer them the food they love, there’s a good chance that they’ll fall off dream fragments. Since you’re likely feeding them so you should know they prefer to eat:

  • Squirrels Peanuts (Remy’s Restaurant.)
  • Rabbits – Carrots (from seeds or Goofy’s stall at Peaceful Meadow.)
  • Raccoons — Blueberries (bushes in Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor.)
  • Foxes – Foxes — White Sturgeon (fishing places located in Frosted Heights.)
  • Sea Turtles – Seaweed (fishing place anywhere) or at the beach in Dazzle Beach.)
  • Lobsters and Crocodiles (gold fishing spots in the Glade of Trust.)
  • Orchid Sunbird — Orange Houseleek (Flower – Sunlit Plateau)
  • Golden Sunbird — Sunflower (Flower – Dazzle Beach.)
  • Red Sunbird — Red Bromeliad (Flower – Sunlit Plateau.)
  • Emerald Sunbird — Green Passion Lily (Flower – Frosted Heights.)
  • Turquoise Sunbird — Pink Houseleek (Flower – Sunlit Plateau.)

Dig Up Sparkling Ground

A new and newly added method that’s quite intriguing because, although the chances are similar to those of the previous two methods when you dig to find Dream Shards, you will discover other useful resources like Clay or Soil

Disney Dreamlight How to get Dream Shards – Uses

There are three primary uses of Dream Shards: Quests, Dreamlight, and Purified Night Shards:

  • The quests are often requiring Dream Shards to complete them or to finish intermediate steps. If, for instance, you want to complete Merlin’s quests in order to rid yourself of mushrooms, you’ll require dream shards. This is a crucial aspect to be able to advance in the game. And for this reason alone, we suggest collecting them as often as you can.
  • Dream Light In order to explore new biomes, you’ll require DreamLight The simplest method to obtain it is to make 10 Dream Shards in exchange for 250 Dreamlight. You can see why it is crucial to advance within the game.
  • The Purified Night Shard: It is perhaps the most effective boost to friendship you can give someone you know. The recipe is 2 Dream Shards + x5 Night Shards = x1 purified Night Shards. We’ve already discussed how to acquire Dream Shards before, but for those who don’t know how to obtain them, here’s the procedure. Night Shards: can be obtained by digging up glowing mounds of dirt