Disney Dreamlight Unlock Anna Guide

September 23, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Anna Guide Get access to your access to the Frozen Realm and Complete Anna’s quests the spirit of nature, Chase the Wind, and welcoming Anna


Disney Dreamlight Unlock Anna – Steps

Anna is located in the Frozen Realm The first step is to unlock her kingdom and then complete her tasks We will explain:

Unlocking the Frozen Realm

If you are just beginning to play the game, you should take your time, as it can take some time because it takes the amount of 4,000 Dreamlight plus the completion of two tasks within the world.

In the beginning, you have to complete the quest of Merlin to unlock the Dream Castle, where you must take on the Night Thorns that block the entrance of the castle and unlock most of the Disney characters. When you have made sure that the Forest of Valor is removed, head to the top floor of the Castle which is the entrance leading to Frozen Realm. Thorns are still blocking it so you must remove them to gain the 4,000 Dreamlight.

The quests are simple however, obtaining four thousand dream light is a long time. We suggest you cultivate Dream Shards and trade with them for Dreamlight. If you’re not sure, check out our guide on how to obtain Dream Shards

Unlocking the Anna

If you’ve already obtained your access to the Frozen Realm, the next step is to finish Anna’s quests

  • The Spirits of nature Quest The Fire: Burn the Fire by using Your Watering Can and Catch Burn the Fire Spirit > then move the huge (Wake it up ) by making Stone Soup (*)) then Follow the trail, and locate Anna’s sister, Elsa, to fish Anna’s engagement Ring out of the nearby lake
  • Chasing to the Wind Quest: Gather the resources (**) > Design Wind Chimes> place them on the (x3) trees
  • Hello, Anna Go to The Well (Plaza) as well take an image with Anna.

(*) (*) Soup ingredients consist of 3 Craggy Rock (near to the huge) + x1 basil + 1 Oregano. Its Plaza as well as the Peaceful Meadow are dotted with oregano and basil trees. On the other side, you will find that the Frozen Realm is surrounded by large, squat rocks. It is possible to interact with them when they appear on the earth as sparkling gray stones. After your interaction with Anna, You’ll find a lot of them objects that you can pick up.

(**) Wind Chimes Recipe: x3 Twine + x15 Softwood + x3 Iron Ingot

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Anna – Video Guide

We’ve put the entire Anna’s adventures in one video guide on youtube Bazzy Gaming – Frozen fans rejoice! You can get Anna in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley! wow! Anna and Kristoff were reunited for the second time – magic!

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