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Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric Guide

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric Guide

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric Guide Unlock Realms and complete Ursula’s Ariel’s Quest and Poor Unfortunate Prince quest


Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric – Steps

If you’re looking to become Eric the king of the world, you must be able to unlock three kingdoms and attain friendship level 10 with Ursula and Ariel We will explain:

Unlocking Realms

If you are just beginning to play the game, make sure you take the time to relax, because it’s going to take time because it will require more than 28,000 Dreamlight in order to open the three realms that you have to get to Eric: Forest of Valor, Forgotten Lands and Frosted Heights

The first step is to advance Merlin’s quest to unlock The Dream Castle, where you must beat the Night Thorns blocking the castle’s entrance, to discover all of the Disney characters.


It’s not that difficult but obtaining the dream light of 28000 can take some time. We recommend you cultivate Dream Shards in order to then trade them in exchange for Dreamlight. If you’re not sure, check out our guide on how to obtain Dream Shards

Unlocking Eric

If you’ve already unlocked the Frozen Realm then the next step is to finish Eric’s quest:

  • free Ursula is locked up inside a cave prison in Dazzle Beach. To release her, you must finish this Merlin With Great Power quest. If that quest does not appear, you can simply continue to Merlin until she appears.
  • Get to Ursula Friendship Level 10. To unlock the friendship quests, Ursula, you must search for her. She is everywhere and always in close proximity to the water. Complete her quests until you’ve reached the level of 10. They’re generally simple quests, with the exception of A Deal With Ursula, where you need to locate three crystals. In the final part of this guide, we’ll give you an image of their locations
  • Achieve Ariel Friendship level 10 The quests are simple, however, in the end, following placing Eric’s castle within Ariel’s village need to locate Eric’s flute within Eric’s castle and present it to Ariel

Disney Dreamlight Unlock Eric – Video Guide

We’ll cover the entire Eric’s mission in one video guide on YouTube MrStarInSky The best way to access Eric within DISNEY Dreamlight Valley. Prince Eric’s quest needs to be completed, Poor unlucky Prince’s quest and how to unlock it and bring Prince Eric returning to Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Take care of Ursula.