Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay guide

September 22, 2022

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to obtain Clay guide locations (Biomes and the best places) Tips and steps to discover Clay the most important uses, recipes, as well as a video tutorial

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Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay – Location

Two details to determine where to locate the clay, the biomes in which clay is located, and the precise location of each biome

Clay Biomes

The three biomes that locate clay include Forgotten Lands, Glade of Trust, and Sunlit Plateau. It is possible to find Clay close to the river in the Forest of Valor, but the mud-rich areas are not as common and we haven’t seen them. If you’re not sure about the location of mud the most popular spot for farming is on the East banks (right on the map) beneath the bridge on the east (the one to the left of the map) of the Glade of Trust

Clay Locations

Clay is found in areas of mud near lakes, and bodies of water like lakes, rivers, and others. The clay is also underground, meaning you’ll need shovels.

Steps to get Clay

If you’re in need of Clay Follow these steps:

  • Look for a muddy spot close to a body of water They are quite frequent
  • Make sure you have a shovel
  • Begin digging holes in the dirt until you come across Clay Although we expect that it’s not a common source The normal rule is that you will find Clay in every 10 holes
  1. First Tip 1st Tip: Farming Clay is an extremely tedious task If you are looking to harvest a lot, it can take a long time. We recommend digging 50-100 holes and then using the time to cultivate other resources located in the mud, for instance, Star Coins as well as Soil. Furthermore, the recommendation is that, since they are both scarce resources, it is best to farm Clay and Soil simultaneously. Because they are two frequently used ingredients in numerous recipes

2nd Tips: Mud patches are reset with time. If you’ve discovered areas where you want to farm, revisit them after several hours

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay – Video Guide

If you’re interested, we will show you a game of farming with clay specifically on Glade of Trust, made by the youtube channel Search 

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get Clay – Uses

Clay is an ingredient in Brick that is required for a variety of recipes. It is also an ingredient in many recipes for crafting. It is among the components that you’ll require for your constructions however, we are anticipating the recipes:

  • Brick: 5 Clay, 1 Coal
  • Iron Spike and Brick Fence: 3 Bricks, 2 Iron Ingots
  • Metal Spike Fence: 2 Bricks, 3 Iron Ingots
  • Sun-Baked Earthen Road: 1 Clay, 1 Soil
  • Broken Carved Pillar Base: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Broken Pillar Base: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Flower Pots:6 Clay, 2 Soil. There are many flower pots that are unique using different flowers that you’ve collected.
  • Jubilant Topiary 5 Clays, 5 Soils 3 Roses Houseleek flowers
  • Low Sculpted Pillar: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Mossy Circle-Carving Stone: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Mossy Eye-Carving Stone: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Rustic Clock Tower: 200 Clay, 100 Stone, 100 Hardwood, 30 Iron Ingots
  • Mossy Fallen Pillar: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil



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