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Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get rid of Mushrooms

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to get rid of Mushrooms

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to eliminate Mushrooms Step-by-step instructions to finish The Final Trial Quest and obtain the Royal Water Bottle Upgrade Ointment


You’ll need the upgraded Watering Can tool you acquired in The Royale Tool quest at the beginning of the game to rid yourself of the mushroom population within Disney Dreamlight Valley. When you’ve completed the quest referred to by the name of “A New Enchantment,” continue to progress the questline of Merlin and the level of friendship.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Get Rid of Mushrooms – Step-by-Step

The steps below are what you can take to eliminate the spores

  1. The Wall is unlocked (access his realm through his Dream Castle) and brings Wall-E into the valley
    • Find him a new tread on his body.
    • Make several trash cubes.
    • Grow some crops using Wall-E.
    • Engage with other villagers to help Wall-E recall his past.
  2. Attain the level of friendship 10 with Merlin It is as simple as doing activities that require the wizard (fishing or farming, fishing). …)
  3. Complete Merlin’s quests “A Dark Experiment” and “The Final Test”: Merlin will enchant the Watering Can if you give him the ointment you’ve made.
  4. Use the magical Watering Can on the mushrooms to rid them of them

As you will see, the procedure is easy, even though it can be more complicated than it appears. Here are a few tips that can surely assist you through the process:

How To Get Emeralds

Once you have obtained Forest of Valor (3,000 Dreamlight) go to the forest and begin searching for Emeralds with someone you know who is proficient in mining.

How To Craft Purified Night Shards

You’ll need fifteen (15x) Night Shards and 3x Dreamshards:

  • Night Shards can be removed out of glowing dirt mounds
  • Dreamshards are obtained by destroying Night Thorns (the spawn rate of Dreamshards is quite low)

The Final Trial Quest – Royal Water Can Upgrading Ointment

To complete The Final Trial Quest and receive the last item, Royal Water Can Upgrading Ointment, you’ll need to purchase various ingredients.

  • Night Shard Power: Give pure Night Shards to Wall-E, Wall-E will reward you with a NIght Shard power exchange
  • Mushrooms: grabbing them from the soil in the Glade of Trust
  • Water Falling Water Falls Water: Collect Falling Water at the bottom of the river in the Glade of Trust
  • Heart: Ice Heart Plant an Ice Heart Seed in the Frosted Heights area

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Get Rid of Mushrooms – Video Guide

It’s a lengthy and sometimes even boring process that could cause you to encounter difficulties with certain elements or the requirements, therefore we offer this SuperParent video tutorial in which you will be able to see exactly the locations we’ve highlighted in the previous section.