Doom Port Released as a Payload for BIOS

August 19, 2022

When it comes to bizarre hardware, morphology has turned into an increasingly popular tech theme, therefore, it’s now being converted into the BIOS. Coreboot is being up-dated to 4.17 this morning, as per the hugely influential Linux-centric news website Phoronix. Coreboot 4.17 was initially an Linux device dubbed LinuxBIOS and has proven its usefulness more. Coreboot 4.17 is compatible with new motherboards, offers new bootloaders, is compatible with AMD Platform Secure Boot (PSB) as well as a few fixes and the port of Doom.

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Coreboot is a completely free and open-source BIOS implementation that is able to support many Asynchronous extensions. These payloads provide functions to the core code. You can also configure your own computer to run similar functions on your system by payingload.

To install Coreboot to a functional setup the process usually begins by installing a bootloader therefore, there are currently eight options according to the Wiki’s official version. It supports a variety of well-known OSes along with a number of applications as Payloads, and a handful of games. If you’re BIOS flash memory is sufficiently large you can even run an Linux distribution to store your memory.

In keeping with our theme of extremes we reverted to our original headline and announced that Coreboot 4.17 is compatible with CoreDoom as a payload. This is an excellent alternative to get bored of Grub Invaders (Space Invaders) as well as the Tint Payloads that clone them, and bringing 3D game titles to your BIOS.

CoreDoom is powered through the DoomGeneric software that is a specifically mobile Version of the 3D FPS from 1993. Doom wad files can be kept in the ROM too to allow for instant retro gaming. However there are few restrictions on CoreDoom which we believe that players should be aware of. It is for instance, it relies on the PS2 keyboard to use WASD (USB supports are in the works). In addition, support for video format isn’t as robust, audio isn’t supported, and there is no save game or configuration support for files is provided as well as your system is able to continue to switch between games.

If you’d like to know whether your laptop or desktop motherboard is compatible with Coreboot check the status webpage for Coreboot, and begin your search to find the right motherboards. A variety of Android 8×4 as well as Clevo laptop motherboards are recognized with Coreboot 4.17.

This is probably not the only strange Doom ports that we encounter out there. We reported recently that Doom was portable onto devices like the Raspberry Pi Pico and the Minimum Viable Computer, for example.

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