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Dragon Age Origins – Best Mods (2022)

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods Face and Hair models and textures Games, Utilities, Gameplay and more interesting MODS!


Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Dragon Age Redesigned Mod

This is the sequel to Dragon Age Redesigned.

Get Dragon Age: Redesigned Dragon Edition Mod here

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Natural Bodies All In One Mod

The NewByPower’s “Natural Bodies” with all the “Natural Bodies” based mods in one package that includes an option of overriding to make it easy to configure options after installing using the Mod manager for DAO.


Download Natural Bodies All-In-One Mod here

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Extra Dog Slot Mod

It lets you make your mabari wardog a constant fifth travel partner.

This mod allows dogs to follow the PC throughout the game. It’s like a
A fifth companion who is located in the most coveted summon slot. (summon slots
Mini-portraits can be found on the right side of each NPC portrait.)

When you’re presented with the screen to select a party, make sure you don’t select the dog to be
one of your principal characters one of your four primary companions, will appear on the PC
as a fifth person to accompany you as a fifth companion after the selection screen goes away.

If you are an official member of a 5th party you are present as a 5th party member, you can instruct your dog to go or contact him.
Returned with an updated Dog Whistle item which will show up in your inventory once
You can purchase the dog as you acquire the dog as a pet.

The mini-slot is typically used to summon monsters, this mode can be used to summon
the slot to ensure that the dog becomes fully a party animal and not just a summons.
All options for dialog include banter, special events as well as the ability to interact with the dog.
Will continue to function.

Additional Dog Download Slot Mod here. here

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – More Hairstyles Mod


– v0.51 included Jinx’s “Don’t worry Be hairy” conversion to CC with the possibility of tinting. Add one new hair type for men across all ethnicities, loosely based on the hair of the warden from the Sacred Ashes trailer.

– v0.5 Fixed some styles and added the majority of females of the dwarven race

– v0.4 Fixed ef_har_ren11 error, added 1 new style to male human beings and 3 styles to female human,s and 17 for elven males.

– v0.3 The elves have been completed in the female style. There are a few other styles for females who are human.

– v0.24 A couple of hairstyles for dwarves and elves

– v0.22a minor update that will solve a few issues with the latest hairstyles

– v0.22 Add Duncan’s hair, with and without earrings for human males, and also without an earring for males from Elven. The hairstyles are now available for females who are human and three for female elves.

– v0.21 The Lady’s texture and added some hairstyles that are suitable for females who are elves.

– v0.2 This version added all 15 hairstyles available to human males. The hairstyle was added to male elves as well as four for female elves and two for females of dwarven.

– v0.17 with More texture and modeling works, also added an alternative Lady of the Forest retexture and an even shorter version. I think all hairstyles are quite good except for one or two. I’ll begin adding them to different races and genders in the coming updates.

– v0.16a Fixed the issue that caused some NPCs get their hair replaced. Smoothed some ponytails rigging.

– v0.16 The texture and UVs have been updated for a couple of hairstyles (see the screenshot) Hair#3 is at the very least acceptable, and a new hairstyle is available to men of all ages.

– v0.15 1. The first Ren hairstyle is slightly more attractive and is accessible to every race, genre and gender (only this version). The hairstyle is unchanged.

Download more hairstyles mods > here

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – No Helmet Hack 1_6 Mod

This hack takes the helmet graphics from members of the group by placing helmets inside the invisibility \”cloak” slots for equipment. The item Sets are fixed. Awakenings are compliant.

This module conceals helmets from view when you place helmets inside the slot for cloaks. Each character is given their own privacy settings. Helmets are visible on the inventory doll to make it easy to compare and swap. Sets of items function as normal.

NEW: Modified some of the original scripts so that different Dwarven quests allow helmets for the cloak slots. The “Light Armor uses Dex” compatibility option is added.

The Download of No Helmet Hack 1_6 Mod here

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – DAO-ModManager Mod

This is a Mod manager to manage Dragon Age and daupdater Replacement It handles the *. dazip, override and screenshots

The DAO-ModManager download is available here. Mod Version here

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – JB3Textures Mod

BioWare has released Dragon Age: Origins recently however, many of the textures in the game have a noticeable lack of resolution. This texture pack offers the game brand new and resized textures (Using the fractal method and faux HDR along with my photoshop processes) and also many textures are transformed. With JBtextures everything in Dragon Age: Origins will appear much more detailed!

More refined and sharpen the textures!

Get JB3 Textures Download JB3 Textures Mod here

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Improved Atmosphere Mod

Significantly improves the general NPC behavior; includes many new things is then equipped with the majority of NPCs with these items in an effort to increase immersion. It also provides new methods for handling certain situations; creates cut content, fixes numerous vanilla bugs; and introduces a variety of colors… And more. The majority of changes and additions are available for purchase.

Get Improved Atmosphere MOD here

Dragon Age Origins Best Mods – Grey Wardens Of Ferelden Mod

This mod gives you DA2 design Grey Warden armors and weapons for the DA:O. This mod will also change the appearance for every Grey Warden NPCs into wearing an uniform Grey Warden armors.

  • Version 2.5
    • The Commando Blighted Gray Armor set.
    • The Ruck merchant has been added to market the armor set that is blighted with an unlimited number.
    • The dryden outfit of Sophia was changed to wear the armor set with blight and fully dropabble, as well as the original Grey Warden Commander armor and shield.
    • All weapons and armor have been reduced into Tier 1 using evolving materials that are based on your level. You can buy and sell the items from merchants in order to increase the material level.
  • Version 2.0
    • Addition of Wade and Herren’s store to offer warden armor and weapons found in Vigil’s Keep Awakening.
    • Set the amount of items in the stack sold by Mikhael Dryden’s shop at Soldier’s Peak as well as the shop of Wade and Herren in Vigil’s Keep Awakening to have an unlimited 99x stacks of every item.

Download Grey Wardens Of Ferelden Mod > here

Morrigan Restoration Patch Mod

This will restore a few deleted and fully voiced scenes in the game that relate to Morrigan as well as fixing many issues with elements of her dialog not being triggered properly.

Get the Morrigan Restoration Patch mod here

Skip The Fade Mod

This mod offers you the choice of skipping the Fade.

This mod is designed for anyone who, like me, dislikes the Fade. I’ve always struggled to find an escape route from this maze, and so I came up with this mod (partly due to a suggestion on forum discussions).
If you beat Duncan and utilize the pedestal, you’ll be transported to every one of your friends’ nightmares. If all your friends are saved simply click on the pedestal, and you’ll be transported into that of the Sloth Demon. From there, everything will continue as normal killing this Sloth Demon, Neil appears and you’re teleported again to The Circle Tower.

Mod Download: Skip the Fade Mod > here

Pineapple Trees Vibrant Colors Mod

This includes 48 new hair and eyebrow color options, as well as 40 brand new skin tones, as well as 30 eyes colors that are new to the Character Creator. It also replaces the original eye color of 11 supplied by the DA:O.

You can download Pineapple Trees Vibrant Colors Mod > here

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