Dragon Ball Super Final Secret of Ultimate Squad Rare Revealed Revealed Rifle Revealed

Bandai started showing off cards from the next official Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion. The June 2022 set is the 17th main set and the 8th overall under the Warrior Series banner. Ultimate Squad, also known as “UNISON Warrior”, and “SUFOSHER” is based on Akira Toriyama’s Robotic and Android universes. The cards will recreate scenes from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and feature characters from those movies. Bleeding Cool will present artwork from Dragon Ball Super Card Game’s upcoming set. Bleeding Cool will offer a collector’s perspective on the cards.SCR stands for Ultimate team. Golden Ball Supercard game.

Ultra Timer is now available. This means that there are no changes to the packs. Bandai also released a new episode on their DSMCG Direct channel. The game’s developers discuss and reveal the cards in the set. This video shows the final SCR. The Secret Rare card is very interesting as it was inspired by the new movie, DBS: Super Hero. Piccolo is seen in Ultimate Form, a novel. Piccolo’s skin turns dark when he is exposed to this condition. This movie seems to be a Gohan/Piccolo movie. I like the way this card makes us excited for what’s next.

Are you looking forward to the final Unison Warrior Series series? The latest preview of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game game is available. Follow this series by clicking here on the Ultimate Squadtag


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