Dragon Ball Superpremier Teaming Up Special Rare

Bandai has started displaying cards from the forthcoming officially announced Dragon Ball Super Card Game. The set for June 2022 is the 17th main set, and the eighth and last expansion that falls under the Banner of Unison Warriors.

The set is dubbed Ultimate Squad, with its full title as Unison Warrior Series BOOST Ultimate Squad. It focuses on the robots and androids from Akira Toriyama’s world. It will contain two different objects that will depict the forthcoming film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and the space-traveling adventures of Dragon Ball GT with the revamped Goku.

And The Cell Saga, the Cooler as well as the Red Ribbon Army. In the same way that the Dragon Ball Super Card Game will begin artwork for this new collection, Bleeding Cool will offer an interesting look at the new cards from a collector’s point of view.

The Ultimate Squad uses cards. Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a gold-plated card game.

This stunning Special Rare (SPR) is one that I was trying to find from random items I picked up. I love the gold foil on SPRs, and how they are now Unison SPRs utilize this technique in order to draw the line art. After a uniform SPR was introduced, uniforms became more popular on Super Rare cards. The foils were limited and the technology that was introduced was reflected in the shift.

The Holographic background is stunning The wave-like foil design sparkles against the swirling purple and blue sky that is sprinkled with stars. Android 18 as well as Android 17 are among the most famous androids in the entire series. When it comes to phones are concerned, this is the one featuring one of the top cards, is available from Ultimate Squad packs.

Are you eagerly anticipating the last Unison Warrior Series set? Check out the previews for Dragon Ball: Unison Warrior series BOOST Ultimate Squad. You can follow the series by clicking on the hashtag Ultimate Squad here.


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