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Dragon-based city builder Drago Noka announced for Winter 2022

Dragon-based city builder Drago Noka announced for Winter 2022

Drago Noka lets players construct entire cities on dragons’ backs which will be available this Winter.

Drago Noka, the city-building game that manages resources that are based on the backs of dragons, is now getting an English trailer that announces the release date and platforms. The indie game is scheduled to launch for Steam as well as on the Nintendo Switch sometime this Winter.

The trailer includes about an hour of gameplay including important characters, mechanics, and various tasks. You can view the entire trailer on PLAYISM’s official YouTube channel:

The city-building, as well as a farming game genre, have dramatically developed since the introduction of Animal Crossing since they are able to be played with lower-quality graphics and are able to get lots of gameplay time, which makes smaller games appear bigger than they actually are.

Each of the new city builders is struggling to come up with a unique catchy slogan to establish a successful character. For instance, Fae Farm was announced just yesterday and is focusing on a fantasy setting that is filled with magical elements.

Drago Nokamostly moves through its trailer for the announcement which includes farm work, tree cutting, and even a conversation with locals. But, it’s also made a decision to combine RPG elements in its city-building game because players will do everything using the backs of different dragons.

The trailer closes with a fight between two huge dragons engaging in a battle in every area of the video screen in Pokemon fashion. There’s also gameplay footage of the dragon spreading fire over an area of 8-bit.

It has a vintage feel to it as if it’s the cross between Stardew Valley and The Legend of Zelda. As of now, the game seems to be a good idea, provided that it can make the most of the concept. It does however feel less promising in terms of its potential and character than other games.

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