DrWD40 performs a wave of the next-level dog cam

DrWD40 performs a wave of the next-level dog cam

DrWD40, a Twitch streamer showcasing nature and lifestyle, showed his pet camera and allowed subscribers to give their dog treats with confidence.

This tool allows you to use animals on streaming sites like Twitch or other streaming platforms. A pet cam is a camera scene that shows the streamer’s pet. Many people have adopted pet cameras, but only a few are innovative enough to DrWD40.

Dr.WD40 enjoys being outdoors and his broadcast often features him cycling, birdwatching or metal detection. The streamer recently launched a charity fundraising campaign to combat climate change. The IRL streamer gained many new subscribers and viewers quickly.


DrWD40 was a few miles away from his home when he turned on Watson’s pet cam. Watson fell asleep on DrWD40’s couch. The Twitch streamer can remotely give four treats to Watson, one for each of his recent subscriptions. The animals are easy to swallow but real dog treats were dropped on the ground. Watson was eager to see the benefits of his subscriptions.

DrWD40 was the most appealing of all the dog cameras, and viewers were delighted to see it. Watson was rewarded with many goodies by new subscribers at the end of each stream, probably satisfied with their generosity.

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