Dune Spice Wars Take a Multiplayer Mode

Shiro, the developer of Dune: Spice Wars has just released a multiplayer mode. This is the fourth installment in the four-player series. This update is part of a long-term road map. The Early Access to Dune: Spice Wars was launched in April 2022, on the 26th April 2022. There is no date for the final version of this game.

Northgard’s acclaimed developer Dune: Spice Wars describes the game as a $4X real time strategy game. Frank Herbert’s Dune universe is a unique game where you have to be the leader of your faction and fight for Arrakis.


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With the latest updates, players can either compete in two vs.2 matches or take control of their own game in a free-for all with up to four players. You can take over the Atreides (Harkonnen), Fremen, and Smugglers. If AI-powered factions emerge, you can open places. You can customize each game to suit your needs, including map size, sandworms and storm, as well as youtch. It is also important to have victory conditions!

Shiro created a multiplayer mode, expanded each development tree to include synergy between the factions, added new political resolutions and events, and made many other improvements.

This is the first major update to Dune: Spice Wars. Shiro has released a roadmap that promises many more updates over the next months. This includes a new faction, spaceports, ships, and advanced units. The mysterious councilors have unique powers that are not available to combat units or specials. It is also gaining more wins by itself.

Shiro seems to have put in a lot of effort in his search for the right answer. Fans were particularly happy to hear this point from Dune: Spice Wars. We have worked hard to make Dune: Spices a true adaptation of Frank Herbert’s original source material. This has allowed us to create an experience that is as powerful, engaging, and political as possible. Multiplayer allows for epic moments and slow boils, while players compete for the best.

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