Dune The Sisterhood – Johan Renck signed as director

According to According to Variety is reporting, Johan Renck ( Chernobyl ) has been tapped to lead the forthcoming Dune prequel to the series. He will take over the role of Denis Villeneuve, who was originally scheduled to direct the pilot of the series. However, unlike Villeneuve, Renck will direct the initial two episodes of Dune: The Sisterhood. 

Dune The Sisterhood - Johan Renck signed as director

In the same moment as the announcement was made, the initial details on the story’s content the series, set about 10,000 years before the Dune events Dune were released . The story is centered around the Harkonnen sisters, who are Harkonnen sisters, the founders of the famous Bene Gesserit order, and their fight against forces that could threaten humanity’s future.

They are the mentioned sisters, also known as Harkonnen siblings are most likely Griffin, Valya, Tuna and Danvis. While Griffin tried to bring back the Harkonnen’s fame and end his long-running conflict between House Atreides and House Atreides, his younger brother Danvis was welcomed to the palace of the Emperor to become the new baron Harkonnen.

The other new arrival into the Imperial Palace is Willem Atreides who was the very first representative from Atreides’ House Atreides within the Landsraad.

Valya Harkonnen landed with the so-called witches of Rossak and Rossak, who were the precursors of Bene Gesserit. While their members served as soothsayers and advisors in the grand houses as well as at the court of the Emperor, they were working in secret on an embryo breeding program that was intended for the advancement of humanity.

Tula was also a part of the program and was instructed by her sister to kill every member of their Atreides bloodline. The characters first were introduced in the story The Throne of the Desert Planet by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert, son of Dune creator Frank Herbert.

Diane Ademu John (The Haunting of Bly Manor ) is currently serving as showrunner for the series, and Villeneuve and the showrunner who was previously Jon Spaihts are still on the team as executive producers. Both are making the Dune sequel which is expected to be released in the month of October 2023. Dune Dune: Sisterhood will be a premiere in 2023 on HBO Max. It isn’t yet clear when the premiere will air.

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