Dying Light 2 patch 1.5 adds another new DLC chapter and agent

Dying Light 2 patch 1.5 adds another new DLC chapter and agent

The Genshin impact Sumeru leak is designed specifically intended for players who are interested in knowing the size potential of the Sumeru map, which appears to be quite vast indeed.

At the moment, we may even be already in Sumeru ourselves , thanks to these Genshin Effect Sumeru leaks that have come out of this closed beta. Certain players are able to access into the new area earlier than expected and this has led to an unending stream of leaks information. This latest leak is from the well-known leaker UBatcha as they’ve released a larger portion from the Sumeru map in just a few messages posted on the Discord server.

We’ve reported on the Sumeru maps leak in the past however at the time the map appeared to have some left undiscovered or buried. This appears to be the case as the leak shows an extensive portion of the western portion of the region, which includes the desert, an area that appears to suggest it’ll grow even farther in the west than the one we see.

UBatcha’s leak also highlights the English names of landmarks in addition to the many other landmarks that are being added, while the first leak was totally not translated. You can take a take a look on the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord however the main point is that it’s large.

The map leaks that have been released include zones, Teleport Waypoints, Domains, Statues of the Seven and much more. Many of the names and waypoints in this image are updates from the leak previously revealed — markers we’ve never seen before on different models on Sumeru. Sumeru map. The new additions include the Lost Nursery on the edge of the desert, Old Vanarana, and Fane of Vashvattha and waypoints in both the south and north and south Old Vanarana.

We’re still interested in some of the other details that are that were shown, such as a label which appears to read “Forge of Dreams” in the northern reaches and a few of the more intriguing marks located on the western side of the Chasm regions, which are that are currently unaccessible. If these are features that will last forever or are a signpost to events, however, we’ll need to see what happens on August 23rd to discover.

If you’re interested enough in what’s coming in Version 3.0 or later, excluding expanding the maps, look over our coverage of other leaks, including the alternative sprint solution, upcoming character banners, Scaramouche details and more.

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