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ealme Narzo 50i is a very cheap smartphone that youll want to buy in 2022

Realme is a major manufacturer in Europe in addition to other important markets such as China. The company is planning to release an updated model of Android phone that is affordable however, without compromising. The real-world Narzo 50i Prime that we have seen ahead of time, is a victim of problems.

The phone is expected to be the next inexpensive, reliable, and affordable phone that will be available by 2022. It will be directly in opposition to Xiaomis Redmi X-Z (2022) and promises to be much less expensive. Realme does not want to provide the most user-friendly experience, and assures that it will not sacrifice the essential features that make up this Android phone.


The advertisement image is associated with The Realme Narzo 50i prime. Credit: 91mobiles and @OnLeaks.

The Narzo 50i from Realme Prime smartphone is notable for the battery capacity of 5,000 mAh, and its impressive autonomics, in addition to its slim design, featuring sharp edges and rounded corners. It will also have a small drop of water and a tiny cut-out.

The smartphone will be launched first in India before being shipped out into international markets. Which are the top of them all? Its price is comparable to 100 dollars in India. It’s not impossible to find in Europe that a mobile phone will be available at a cost of between 120 and 130 euros at a later time.

Advertiser image at Realm Narzo 50i Prime. Credit: 91mobile and @OnLeaks.

The product is a simple style – one camera in the rear however, it is prominently displayed on the upper part on the panel’s front. There is a button on for On, the button that turns off the off button and the button that is located to the left of this terminal.

The marketing materials announced showcase two color options for the smartphone that are expected to come with plastic construction. We’ve seen gray and light green with slightly rough appearance on the back of the phone.


The Narzo 50i Prime’s realm isn’t yet known. The massive battery isn’t capable of supplying a massive battery. It is also possible to visually demonstrate that front-facing functions as one camera, which means it’s simple to keep the cost under control.

Unfortunately, the additional technical specifications haven’t been made public yet, but it shouldn’t take too long. We’ll only promise not to compromise your most important component and to maintain a low cost until 2022.

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