Elden Ring director says he can’t help making poison swamps: “It just happens”

Flagrantly disregarding pleas From GamesRadar’s Austin Wood . FromSoftware added not just one but several poison swamps Elden Ring. It seems that director Hidetaka Mikaziki can’t help but to ignore .

Miyazaki met with GameInformer (opens in new window) to have an interview about the deadly swamps of Souls. He admits that he is aware of the public’s opinion on the swamps but that he has a newfound passion for creating them. Miyazaki stated that he rediscovered his love for poison swamps after making the game. “I understand how people feel about them. But suddenly, I realize that I am in the middle making one. I can’t stop myself. It just happens.”

FromSoftware isn’t content to keep poison swamps around in order to please franchise loyalists, but it’s also doubling down on them. Miyazaki claims that there is a new, deadly substance in Elden Ring that you need to be concerned about. He calls it Scarlet Rot. He also said that he hopes you look forward to it. Fair enough, though, you might be somewhat used to particularly horrible things in video games if you are a huge FromSoftware fan.

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