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Elden Ring Game Guides are now available for pre-order

You should be cautious if you still have not discovered the secrets of Elden ring, despite all the tips and tricks you’ve received and the incredible work of the community. We will present the solution books for this massive role-playing game in May and you can pre-order them now.

Two weeks ago, Japan announced the release of an Elden Ring guide. Although the 600-page guide is relatively inexpensive at 2970 yen (around 22 euros), it seems to be a good deal. We get two hardcover Hams, which are significantly more expensive and also very expensive.




You didn’t make me think about this book. Both books have 512 pages and cost 44.99 euros each. This is due to the book’s scope. The Knowledge Books are 90 euro each.

Future Press, which was responsible for publishing the solution books for other From Software titles, has been appointed to publish. The German edition has published dates for the Amazon store. The solution books can be preordered already. Volume 1: Das Zwischenland will be available starting August 31st. Volume 2: Fragments Of Earthtight will be available October 31st.


Depending on your scope, you will need to draw attention to the Elden Ring. Both volumes have very different topics. Part 1 should be this way, especially as the core elements of the game are separated and the world and its residents are distinct groups. This is particularly important for those who still have insights and insights about the game.

The luxurious hardcover edition includes a double-sided World Map as well as a bookmark volume. Volume 2 is very similar to volume 1. It also includes four art prints. The second edition focuses on the basics of fighting, opponents, and equipment.


The most important thing is also the bestiary: Dataminers claims that the original opponents’ exam is now being made available to Elden Ring fans in pdf format. Volume 2 also includes an exclusive interview with Hidetaka Mishazaki, the software boss. This gives insight that the Internet cannot provide.