Elden Ring has swarms of horrible little alien people

Fans aren’t sure what to think of Elden Ring’s alien-like enemies.

Below is a post that was popular on the Elden Ring forum over the weekend. There are no spoilers in this post, but there is an unusual creature even by FromSoftware standards.

The small, goblin-like creature appears to hail from outer space. That’s at least how the Elden Ring enthusiasts who frequent the original subreddit posted it. In fact, the Elden Ring gameplay footage, which features the player character fighting a mob made up of small people, gives you a glimpse at the creature(s).

Maybe “people” is too generous for such a large number of people. There will be plenty of bloody creatures packed into Elden Ring, most likely deep in a dark cavern. They are just waiting to ambush and smash your head into. This is lovely stuff.

Elden Ring is less than a month from launch and will be with us on February 25, 2012. After years of development, FromSoftware’s new game is now in production. It’s a highly anticipated title that’s eagerly awaited by fans. The game features a rich world ready for exploration on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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