Elden Ring Mod clarifies what Exactly Each item does

The question is, how many times have you seen the odd item in Elden Ring? FromSoftware’s latest title contains a wealth of consumables and items that can be used to do everything, from teddyizing to opening new pathways. Real FromSoft can’t always know the impact of a particular item, so descriptions don’t always make sense. He’s Mohg’s great rune.


A mod is a way to say that you are sorry for the effect or amount of a mod that has been applied to Elden Ring. You don’t have to play with many things or nerf your buffs unnecessarily. The aptly-named Detailed Item Descriptions mod explains a single item in the game and also teaches the game a lot about each item that shares it, giving it a boost for certain items.

EMPLOYED – Elon Musk must stop going to Mars, and get a little better at the Elden Ring.

Dziggy explained that he rewrote every item description in the game, including spells and equipment. These descriptions are more precise and detailed, and give a clear description of the function of each piece. You can see exact numbers so you can determine how much damage an item has done. You can find out how long an item has been buffing and what its buffing duration is by looking at the numbers.

This is illustrated by Baldachin’s Blessing, whose title reads “I can reduce maximum HP from five percent to five percent in the table.” Using this item reduces physical damage and increases strength by 15 seconds.

While the mod does not modify or alter any of the descriptions made by people, it can expand or change the vanilla descriptions to make them more clear or misleading. The mod also alters the game’s UI (e.g. This mod also changes the UI of the game, such as the crafting menu and the inventory of items. It simplifies the content and allows for more detailed descriptions.


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