Elden Ring players are in search of a new home for PvP

Elden Ring players are tired of Elden Ring’s most popular PvP location and are looking for a new place to host their multiplayer competitions.

After growing tired of the RPG’s most popular hotspot, Elden Ring PvP gamers are looking for a new location to hold their duels. FromSoftware games have been known for their player vs. player battles. Elden Ring is no exception. There are many Elden Ring designs that you can experiment with.

Although players have the option to engage in PvP anywhere on the Lands Betweens, the community has chosen one location as the central hub for its competitions. You will find most player vs. player matchups at Raya Lucaria’s Academy gate. It is also the easiest place to quickly find action without needing to organize a meetup with potential opponents.

Raya Lucaria is a popular gate because it’s easy to reach, even for a new character. It also has a large open space that’s almost flat. There are no enemies near the Raya Lucaria gate so they won’t accidentally be pulled into the fight, disrupting the fairness of your competitors.

It is beautiful, but it isn’t as striking visually as Elden Ring’s other locations. Rain can also be a problem there. Some players claim that it will boost the damage from lightning attacks and nerf the fire skills.

Apart from these issues, some players can be a bit too comfortable staying in one spot all the time, especially if they are passionate about PvP. A thread was started on the Elden Ring subreddit by Elden Ring PvP enthusiasts. They are looking at other places that might be a good spot for their fight clubs.

Another commenter suggested the Volcano Manor bridge – with comparisons to the popular PvP fights held on the bridge outside Iron Keep, Dark Souls II. A few players mention that they’ve also run fight clubs at the frozen lakes – but they point out that you need to deal with the large foe lurking there first to make the most space.

Jokingly, one player suggested the Lake of Rot as an alternative to chaos. Players were asked to face their opponents in the scarlet-rot-infested waters. The biggest concern, regardless of where it is, is how players will spread the word. This is the most popular comment in the thread. It states, “The problem with finding another good PvP location isn’t the trouble, but convincing 500k players to make it their new spot.”

However, some users have taken the initiative to try out new places. Even if these spots aren’t popular, participants will still have the opportunity to see new scenery together.

Many players hope that FromSoftware will add standalone PvP arena fights to their game in an upcoming update or expansion. Dark Souls II, III featured arena battles that could be played in a variety of locations. It seems likely that Bandai Namco will try to capitalize on Elden Ring ‘s success with additional DLC.

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