Elden Ring’s “distorted” world may leave George R.R. Martin “a bit shocked”, says Hidetaka Miyazaki

Hidetaka Miyazaki, director and president of FromSoftware, has said that he expected George R.R. Martin, who was instrumental in the creation of Elden Ring’s worldbuilding and lore, will be “a bit shocked” to see the final game.

While Game of Thrones creator Game of Thrones recently posted to call the action RPG “incredible” (opens in new tab), Miyazaki now believes Martin might have been “imagining something a little more human than the game’s departure from “traditional human drama”.

“So, it was up to us to interpret and ask: “How did they become such inhuman beasts?” How did the Elden Ring’s mad taint and power affect them? Miyazaki explained recently to GameInformer (opens in a new tab) .

“So it was our job to take these great heroes and kind of mishape them and make them into something that they weren’t.

“And I think that if we have a chance of showing Martin the game and seeing these characters, he might be quite shocked. He was trying to create something more humane, more traditional fantasy characters and human drama when he wrote them. I’m sure he enjoys it.


Miyazaki revealed that he expects more people will complete Elden Ring (opens in new tab), than FromSoftware.

Miyazaki stated that Elden Ring was more flexible and inviting than FromSoftware’s other games. He believes that this will lead to “more people finishing it this time.” Referring to the above, only 23% of Steam customers have reached Sekiro’s most common ending. That’s less than one fourth of all players.

Elden Ring was recently made Steam’s most wanted game (opens in new window). Dying Light 2 has been the number one chart for the past year – it reportedly knocked Cyberpunk 277 off the top spot in December 2020, and has remained there eversince. However, Elden Ring, From Software’s eagerly awaited action RPG, has taken the top spot just weeks before the release of the games.

Although Elden Ring’s final launch is only a few weeks away, there is still much (opens in new tab), to learn about the game.

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