Ember Knights are starting to get a new update : Rise of practice


Don’t be a slave to the Praxis and his hordes. A new update to the content of Asmodia Digital’s action-roguelike game Ember Knights is available. This press release is about the update. Rise of practice is a trailer that gives players an idea of what to expect.


Ember Knights allows players to tap into the game’s namesake. While fighting Praxis’ armies, players must discover different survival strategies. It is slow and boring. Don’t panic. Ember Knights is a pixel-art universe that introduces players to a solo and co-op experience where they will face hordes enemies with customizable playstyles.

This update presents new challenges for players. The practice influence grows over the Nexus, and the Prime Worlds. This means that Ember Knights will need to have new equipment. The Rift Hammer can be unlocked by players and used by them. The Hammer is a devastating weapon that can inflict severe AOE damage. The new weapon comes with quality of life improvements and the Offering Pit. The Pit allows players to test their luck. Will you be rewarded?

The trailer for the update provides players with a clear view of what they can expect.


Today is the opening day of our course. Ember Knights is now available on Steam Early Access. Do you want to be an Ember Knight?


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