Endling 100% Achievement Guide

August 20, 2022

Guide to completing all Endling achievements: Extinction Is Forever

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Hello everyone, I will be updating this page in the next few days. I will include screenshots, details, and general information. I just wanted to quickly publish something to help people with the more difficult achievements. It does not mean that you have to do anything special to earn an achievement. Please leave a comment if you find anything wrong.

Sorry for not including the Omnivore section. I was unable to find them in-game. I will add all the locations/how-tos to this guide as soon as possible.

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Bring a full meal to your lair.
This is a relatively simple task, especially if your kitties aren’t following along. If you can’t get it, you can feed your kit(s) as many times as you like during the night, before they return to their den. You should also bring food for them to eat before you enter.

Detox Diet


Detox Diet
Do not feed your cubs six days consecutively.
Again, this one is fairly straightforward. This is the easiest way to do it. There isn’t much trash that you can find and the game will place alternate food in your path. This achievement can also be achieved once you reach your second den. There are plenty of animals, eggs, and berries in the forest area during the early hours of the morning. Molly is also available.

A friend in need


A friend in need
Free the Badger from its trap.
The badger will be trapped on Night 8. Her icon will move on the map. You can easily miss your missing cub if you follow her scent. You can interact with the cage to set her free. You have two nights to release her. Otherwise, she will disappear.


Peaceful Instinct


Peaceful Instinct
You must not kill any animal for more than five days (fish, rabbits, pigeons, chickens).
This achievement is easy, but it’s best to achieve it towards the end. Your kits should be able to use most of their skills by the time they reach the Dumping Ground (3rd Den). They can now get food for their own consumption. Your kits can still hunt, but this won’t affect their achievement. You will also find a lot trash in that area.

A Barking Fox doesn’t bite



A Barking Fox doesn’t bite
Bark at Roamer.
Roamer: This is a human who occasionally appears with a guitar and sings. After you have reached your second den, the forest is disappearing, you will be able to interact with them for the first time. A person will start singing. You can then bark at them by moving towards the sound. They will give you one.

Chicken Dinner


Chicken Dinner
First time hunting a chicken.
After you have reached your second den, the Forest area is where you are most likely to encounter a chicken. Bark at it, and it will run away. Run after it and you will be able to kill it.


A chicken factory is also located in the Forest. Try barking several times if no chickens show up at first.





Take care of a scared cub.
This is the best way to unlock it. To avoid disturbing them, owls perch on the map. You can get past them by sneaking around them. Don’t let the owl see you and try to attack your kit. Be sure you’re not hurt and you’re ready to key smash. The kit will become scared if the owl leaves.



Reunite Badger cubs with their mother
Once you have reached the Forest area, you will find the Badger mother and her cub on a high ledge. You will need to sneak past the Scavanger to reach the badger cub, pick it up and return to the mother to earn this achievement. If you are sneaking past the Scavanger, it could end the game. Even if you feel slow, crouch down. He will hear your walking or sprinting.




Let your cubs try every type of food available.
You can choose from 16 types of food, and your kit must eat at least one to unlock the achievement. These are:

  • Apples
  • Berries
  • Deer
  • Fish
  • Garbage
  • Rat
  • Rabbit
  • Chicken
  • Pigeon
  • Worms
  • Egg (colour does not matter)
  • Canned food
  • Takeout container
  • Mushrooms
  • Potato chips (indicated with a burger icon).
  • Candy bar/Stickbar (indicated with a burger icon).

A Better Tomorrow



A Better Tomorrow
All cub skills are covered.
Your kits will learn various skills during the game to help you survive. These skills can be acquired as the game progresses. Others will require you to encounter specific events in order to unlock them. Your kits have the ability to use their skills on objects in the game. These are marked with a grey/white Paw icon. Blue paws indicate that one of your kit has the required skill to interact with the object. You can then press the Skill key/key to interact. These are the skills you can acquire.

  • Get Through: Left of the water, at the Western entrance to CareCorp. It can be accessed by digging under the fence to South or the sewage pipe West. Head left from your first Den and follow the trail north. Head toward CareCorp by getting up on the walkway. You will need to jump over a gap and then one of your kit will fall. You will need to climb down to take your kit to the left. There, push it through some wooden planks.
  • Dig : Unlocked within the sewers at CareCorp. One of your kits may fall into sludge.
  • Climbing: Earned by Molly during game progression
  • Hunt: Unlocked in the Scavenger’s Hut, near the Dumping Ground. Keep walking until your kit falls into the cage next to the Hut.
  • Dangle Unlocked within the CareCorp region. The Eastern trail is the closest to the third lair/dumping area. Climb on the container about half the way and then climb up the pipe. The other kit will be able to follow. Next, climb up on the cardboard box until you reach a nest. The event will be triggered
  • Deactivate Traps At the end of the game (where the Scavenger lives), there will be a trap at the den’s entry. It will be triangular and not the usual bear traps. If you get caught, your kit will learn how to use it.

Easter Egg


Easter Egg
Let your cubs eat an Easter Egg.
You will need the Dangle skill to achieve this achievement. Please refer to


For a Better Tomorrowfor details.

The Easter Egg can be found at the southern end of the furthest west trail. To unlock the achievement, simply use the Dangle skill and have your kit eat the egg.

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