Enthusiast restores a deleted GTA Vice City mission

Grand Theft Auto feels like a gift. The games are complex and take many years to create. Many of the contents are not released. The original Grand Theft Auto includes a cut mission for Vice City, in which Tommy Vercetti (the protagonist of the game) will appear in a movie.

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You were the first to discover the code in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: The Definitive Edition. This is the remaster title from 2002.

Vadim’s video shows Tommy leaving Ocean Beach Police Station and following a gangster towards the Malibu Club. The game’s protagonist rides in a Banshee so that the car crashes and leaves them “dead”. Vadim discovers that cut dialogue is part of a deleted mission in which Tommy stars in a car chase.

Below is a video that you can view. You could be able to see what it might look like.

It is the part where the data engineer discovers the code for the buried missions that is the most fascinating.

PCGamesN noted that the original source code for Vice City included several files that Rockstar Games had marked as confidential and only for internal use. This meant that the public was not allowed to view such files. This means that Grove Street Games didn’t do its best with their pending work.

Grove Street Games made a mistake with the remaster. This is evident from the cut content.

GTA Trilogy launched over a year ago, and it remains unremarkable. It has been improved upon, but it is still far from the original masterpiece.

A report on GTA could be made available in the future.

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