Ereban Shadows: The murderous shadow

It’s clear it was Starfield was the main attraction of the latest Xbox and Abyssa games showcase (do you have a look at our trailer for Starfield? ). The conference was hosted by Microsoft however, many other interesting games were also discovered to be in space, such as the stealth-based platformer produced by Baby Robot Games.

The game’s name is Ereban: Shadow Legacy will be released in spring of 2023 and will be accessible on the Xbox Game Pass from day one. We’ve gathered all the details that, as with every other entry we’ve published was posted by Raw Fury. Raw Fury and we will review our progress in this article.


On the official website for the project on the official website of the project, the Spanish studio stated the story Ereban: Shadow Legacy is set in a dying sci-fi-free world. The protagonist is the agitated ninja called Ayana which is the last descendant of the old and lost lineage. It is renowned for its incredible ability to mix shadows.

The solitary warrior, however deadly, must discover the mystery that binds Ayana’s ancestral memories that are lost to the mysterious megacorporation known as Helios that was in a time that is not known, was believed to have solved the world’s energy crisis.

The lost civilization

According to the information we have was available to us and the mission undertaken by the shinobi who is alone will lead her to explore the remains of empty cities. And then infiltrate the new structures built upon the remains of a temple believed to are part of the lost civilization. In his quest for truth, the final Ereban will, in reality need to go on his way to the masses of technologically-savvy robots who will assist the other by all methods and in massive capacity. The hidden secrets of this multinational is being revealed in one manner or other, and it will be, if not an exclusion is allowed to the innocent in its deceitful attempt to protect its people.

When Ayana is so enthralled by the desire to find himself as much as he can with the belchable urge to even score the score The development team has suggested that this may never be motivated by a fervent desire for revenge. While we believed we were destined to leave behind an interminable path of devastation, it was revealed that the ninja may have the ability to decide whether they will utterly destroy those who would try to hinder his progress or instead , limit their actions to thwart any enemy.

In this context, Baby Robot Games specified that it was the responsibility of us to comprehend how far we’re willing to go in order to discover the truth. It also stated that each of the actions taken by the warrior are influenced by consequences, which means that the method used by the users may have negative impacts on the progression of the narrative. A simple conviction that was buried within our hearts, could also have to be a part of the goal of a studio based in Barcelona to create an engaging and unique environment that is filled with engaging stories.


The latest updates are The Adventure of the World of Aragami as well as The Odyssey, where, to elaborate the story is written. The game is fast-paced Like Kurai our alter-ego, we can run, climb and even merge into the darkness.

Her special ability allows her to be aware of shadows and avoid them by not letting them down. In order to regain the identity of their victims, Ayana is an integral part of that aforementioned and, in order to have the best sleeves, to get the highest point of the wall without being noticed, make use of the shield without being noticed and strike them in stealthy.

If Ayana is in areas that are which aren’t accessible to lights her body turns black as a tin and she tries to take out her adversaries by avoiding one hit. This is because regardless of whether this area is once touched by the shining light source and the female return to her appearance from before and appearance, but the fusion of the shadow ends abruptly, with any desirable results.

In the stealth phase it is essential to keep clear of sunlight as well as the headlights of the mecha. Which will be able to guard the different base of the Helios. After spotting it will not hesitate to strike it in large numbers, to take it down and destroy it.

Shadow Legacy

The trailer for the announcement trailer to Ereban: Shadow Legacy is extremely short and, since there is no user interface, it’s not given any insight into the weapons of the warrior. However, the studio did announce that it’s going to not only rely on Shadow Merge and the razor-sharp blade that is featured in the film but also on a variety of advanced technology gadgets which together with her mysterious abilities, will allow players to create a unique style of the battle to match their own preferences.

Since the advanced tools could be designed from Ayana herself, possibly by mixing resources from fields. It can suppose the possibility that Ereban. Shadow Legacy will have a crafting system in place which will gradually expand and enhance the arsenal of Shinobi, the deadly warrior.

As the game is scheduled to be exclusively available on the Microsoft marketplace in the spring and summer. The chance to learn about the savage abilities of Ayana will not be a problem. We’ll keep an eye on the game’s progress with interest and perseverance and hope to prevent the fate of publishers Raw Fury and the Baby Robot Games studio.

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