Escape from Tarkov meets Project Zomboid in Zero Sievert

Escape from Tarkov meets Project Zomboid in Zero Sievert

A single-player extraction game Zero Sievert combines ideas from Project Zomboid, Escape from Tarkov and Stalker and is a an integral part of Steam Survival Fest

Zone-extraction games such as Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown are popular in the moment, however the entry barrier tends to be rather high. they are extremely difficult for those who are new to the game to get their feet on. Zero Sievert could be a more accessible ramp, but it was created by a sole game developer. It’s a solo user 2D game that mixes Escape from Tarkov with Project Zomboid and one of the Stalker game series and perhaps there’s a hint of Among Us.

While Zero Sievert is a one-player experience only (for for the time being, at minimum) and is top-down 2D rather than first-person and hits many in the exact tense themes which make up that Escape from Tarkov experience. In Among Us, you can only see objects within the cone of vision of your character that is why objects and enemies are able to be hidden behind cover or sneak up on your back.


Additionally, there’s the management of inventory and crafting that is found in Tarkov You’ll need take into consideration the amount of loot you’re able to carry at any one time, and if you’ll be able to carry everything to the extraction point without being clipped by a wild animal or a an animal lurking on the ground.

After you’ve purged yourself from any or more of five biomes found in Zero Sievert, you’ll head back to the base that is in a converted bunker used by the military near the location of an accident at a nuclear power plant. Inside, you’ll have the ability to create items and upgrade modules, take a break and chat with a variety of NPC quest-givers who can direct you to better loot (and more dangersome enemies).

Drawing inspiration from in the Stalker Series, you’ll be keeping your ears at the ready for the sounds that your Gieger counter turning off The nuclear disaster has left many areas radioactive. You’ll need to have the appropriate protection gear prior to going close to these areas. The radiation’s effects have been felt on the wildlife that live there also, so be sure to be sure to keep your head in an swing.

The game also includes a fully functional tool for modification that let you experiment with guns to your heart’s desire – you can change out scopes, stocks, foregrips and much more with the help of equipment you can find and then craft out in the open. The developer Cabo Studio says there are currently 30 distinct guns available and 150 weapon modifications.


Although Zero Sievert may be slightly more approachable in comparison to Tarkov or Hunt however, it’s still hard and inscrutable: death can come in just as fast and it’s best to be cautious. There’s an free demo available to try for yourself at Steam Survival Fest. Steam Survival Fest, so you can test your luck to test yourself in the wild.

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