Escape Game Fort Boyard 100% Achievement Guide

This guide will show you how to unlock all achievements in the game.


Start the game

Before you start, you’ll have problems with certain games if your monitor is set at 144Hz. You can’t limit the frame rate of the game. Your best bet is to right-click on desktop>display Settings>advance Display Settings and change it back to 60hz.


We can now play training and beat all the difficult games. Dlc games (those marked with the “new” label) are not required. Crossbow games should be won and not drawn!



All challenges completed



Grand Champion

All the difficult mode challenges must be completed.


Adventure mode

Once you have mastered all of the games, it is time to move on to the adventure mode. You can start with the heroic difficulty, which is short-term. Don’t be afraid to lose some games. You must reach the end game to collect at least 5000 Boyard coins. Before you can start collecting coins, you must solve a riddle. If you have a clue you can take a screenshot of the game and pause it. If not, you can choose the option “forfeit to find a clue”. Take another screenshot and take your time before you choose a word. The clue/clues must be related to your word. You should manage your time properly once you begin collecting coins. It is not necessary to grab coins till you are unable to hold them anymore. Also, it is important to avoid hitting with other teammates, as this can cause you to lose coins. You will easily reach the 5000 boyard coins if you do well.




Completing adventure mode will earn you at least 5,000 Boyards.


Hero of the Fort


Completing heroic adventure mode will earn you at least 5,000 Boyards.

Adventure mode 2nd run

You were able to beat the first run without losing any mini games. This exceeded my expectations and enabled me to unlock the grand adventurer achievement. If not, you can always start a new game in easy mode. If you don’t have the achievement of collecting more than 15,000 boysards, I want you to extend the game’s duration.


Grand Adventurer

You can complete adventure mode without ever failing any challenge



Epic Victory!

The treasure room has more than 15,000 Boyards.

Remainings and secret achievements

You might unlock some of these achievements in your playthrough.



On the wire

Only one second is left to complete a challenge.


This one was done with Grand Boyard Hotel, but you can use any game that suits your needs. I also did it on heroic difficulty to shorten the wait. I waited with my last suitcase in front of the elevator until it was time to enter the elevator. You will hear the clock ticking as the game nears its end. Enter when the clock is ticking 10 times.


Hey! Alfred!


You can bring 50 bags into the elevator

Go to training, and then go back to the game “Grand Boyard Hotel”. You have 6 suitcases to deliver, so I recommend heroic difficulty.



William Tell

Five darts should be thrown into the center of your target.

Go to training, and choose the game “Crossbow”. It doesn’t matter how difficult it is, as long as you can do it at the same speed. It is necessary to score 5 bullseyes in all games. This can be tricky. You have a chance to win most of the time right from the beginning of each game.



Make it count!

500 “perfect” scores at the laundromat


Go to training, and choose the game “Laundromat”. Again, i recommend heroic difficulty as there are more notes to be played. Repeat until you get it.


Time master


The target time should not be less than one tenth second from the end of the timer.

Either you are a time master who can do it on your own, or you can use a cronometer in a phone like me. To get less time, go to the “counter” game during training.


Congrats! Congratulations! Now you have the 100% and you can relax.

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