Eternights We dive into powers characters minigames and QTEs

As of the time it was announced that the game would be coming release in June of 2022. the date since the release of the game. If it is expected to be out within the first few months of the next year. Eternights is definitely a game to be on the lookout for.

It blends two completely different characters and is an excellent blend of the dating simulation and hacknslash. The idea was a success, and it appeared that Japanese manufacturing was successful, was finally brought to the creator Jae Hyun Yoo to clarify our doubts regarding combat and other aspects of the game.


I’m here to answer a few frequently asked question and in the first place, I would like you to describe your connection to the Jaffre with the world of video games. What was the reason you became interested in the medium born?Jae Hyun-Yoo I’ve always loved gaming since being young. My first game was Final Fantasy VII, which I believed was a love simulation.

When I began working in animation I was able to make use of a custom language to develop my skills at Disney. When I first began learning the language, I was amazed by the amount of imagination there is.

Before establishing Studio Sai he worked for giants such as Apple as well as Walt Disney Animation Studios. He also helped change Elsas gown into Frozen and created the incredible openings in Big Hero 6.

What inspired him to create his own studio? How did his experiences affect Eternights? Jae Hyun-Yoo During the time I worked at these companies, I was always creating experiments that were interactive at night after work. I understand how one is today. I learned later that when I write stories that are based on the relationships between characters I’d like to commit my entire life to.

It is true that Studio Sai has a team composed of independent developers from various countries, it’s not a coincidence that Eternights is being conducted online.

It’s quite surprising, particularly when we consider that the work began in the year 2019 – just before the current health crisis caused the entire industry to change their work schedules. How did this achievement become feasible and how many people are involved in creating Eternights? Jae Hyun Yoo:

The count changes constantly (laughs). One of the developers that works on this project at present is my. This shouldn’t be surprising, as several collaborators help with the project.


In a tweet via Twitter LucidSky declared that “the protagonist” of Eternights can join all characters that are present at the principal art of Eternights regardless of their gender.

In the same playthrough can love relationships be formed by involving several co-protagonists (similar to five) or do we require one partner for every game? The Yuri Yoo says that you are able to establish relationships with other players as you like. Although Eternights is about romantic relationships among the protagonists, implications of the show can be much more significant toward the conclusion that game.

It is described as a dating action game Eternights will be a game that features two nearly opposite souls, illustrated through the simulator for dating as well as hacknslash’s battling system. What led to this unusual pairing? Also, which of these two components play a greater role in the performance of the game? Or are they balanced enough? Jae Hyun Yoo said that the genre was determined by the past. Both genres can help players to understand the tale that was told by Eternights.

What do you think? Eternights become the sole game-playable hero, or are we able to be in control of Yuna, Sia, and others in the gang? The action sequence in the trailer for the announcement leads us to believe that we’ll have a complete team at our disposal but we’re not able to remove the suspicion that the actions of our members of the group are only an aiding act.

Jae Hyun Yoo could assign each of the other members of the group a distinct sequence, but the main character remains the only character that is fully controlled you can find on Eternights.

When he loses his arm the main character of Eternights will not just be able to re-create the limb that was amputated (or in any event, a glowing version) and will also be able to slash deadly blows and summon swords. What can you do to determine the origins of these strange powers? Jae Hyun Yoo: To answer this question , I’ll give you a hint by putting it in a box to delay!

In the trailer, you can see in the trailer that Yuna, Min and Sia are also able to use unique abilities. Tell us more about their special abilities.Jae Hyun Yoo In the Eternights trailer, we shown her basic attacks, like lightning, thunder, and Ice. To ensure the safety of the supporting actors will also have other abilities that are not available due to their relationship with the main character.


Let’s discuss the bicycle today. Do we have the option of using it when you’d like or could it be summoned only within certain Dungeons?Jae Hyun Yoo The game has a variety of mini-games to play, such as the one that is in the bicycle. This game is fascinating and will be revealed later in the year.

It is believed that the Eternights combat system makes use of Time Events. Are they likely to be frequent? Jae Hyun Yoo: It is likely to utilize Quick Time events to destroy some enemies, however, in the past, and in events are they likely to be seen.

We were taught that the time of day will be crucial in Eternights. What are the worst of those who do not meet an objective? Jae Hyun Yoo They aren’t able to keep going! If you don’t manage your time properly then you’ll fall in the love of it.

: Eternights is a product that is specifically designed to anime, anime and video gamers from Japan. Because a large number of people love the Japanese dubbing Have you ever thought that this might be the answer to”piran” or the “ladies of the rising earth” in the novel “Piondal as ten” or “Piran”?Jae Hyun Yoo: We’ll be announcing the dubbing shortly because the Japanese track with 98% is a proof of its authenticity. We’ll announce it soon.

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