EVO reveals that it has reduced your input delays in the favorite game

August 19, 2022

EVO eSports announced that he was working closely with Epic Games, a PlayStation and other partners to reduce input lags in fighting games.

Secreenshot by share way games

EVO reports that EVO thanks Epic Games, Sony PlayStation and other partners for reducing input delays by playing your favorite fighting games. As I make notes for EVO, I will wait for updates.

EVO will be back in Las Vegas this year, from 5 to 7 Aug 2022 in Nevada. Street Fighter, 5, Masters Edition. Guilty gear Strive. Mortal Kombat. 2nd Edition. Tekken 7. The King of Fighters XV. Melty Blood: Type Lumina. Dragon Ball FighterZ. Grandblue Fantasy. 2nd Edition. Skull Girls.

We remind you that EVO has been owned by Sony PlayStation since March 2021.


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