Fairy Tail Magic Era Codes

Fairy Tail Magic Era Codes Mr2023

Fairy Tail Magic Era Codes Full List

Redeem these codes for tons of free spins and try your luck to get the best objects in the game.

How to play Fairy Tail Magic Era? Roblox Game by The Magic Eraᅠ

  • Magic Era is a fantasy experience taking inspiration from Fairy Tail.
  • inspired by (Magnolia – Fairy Tail Magic Brawl, Fairy Tail)
  • Magic Era is currently in dev / testing


WASD – Movement Keys
Q – Dash
WASD + Q – Dash in certain direction
F – Guard (Guarding a heavy attack as it’s about to hit will result in a perfect block which stuns the opponent)
R – Evasive
Credits to Arch_Mage For Leaderboard System
avaxwrld – Creative Lead / Animator
Senko, Shael, Takumi – Scripting
EternalProwess – Building / Effects / Animation
Leandre – Backup Particles
Blotnik – Clothing

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