Fall Guys has been lifted from steam, but they still can be offered full support

Developer Mediatonic confirmed that Fall Guys Steam will continue to be supported, even though it was removed from the platform today.

Mediatonic posted a message on the Fall Guys Steam community page, stating that for all those who already own the game, you will continue to receive support and all the delicious updates that land on other platforms, such as crossplay and progression support.

Note that the product page will not be updated if the thirteen-year-olds are unable to download Fall Guys on Steam.


Epic Games Store is now the home of Fall Guys, for those who haven’t purchased the game previously on Steam. Fall Guys will be switching to a free play model. This allows games to be played on Xbox, Switch and PS5.

Fall Guys was launched in Steam and PlayStation 4 in 2020. However, Mediatonic is now a distant second to the rest of the field. The Games has introduced the Steam version as of November 1, 2010. However, the launch of the free-to play version marks the switch to Epic Games Launcher from Steam.

You can also check out the free-to-play game of Fall Guys, the new Halo series, and the game game of Fall Guys.

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