Fall Guys leak teases Season 2’s new cosmetics and theme

Fall Guys leak teases Season 2’s new cosmetics and theme

Fans of the Fall Guys have been given a glimpse at the new space cosmetics coming to Season 2.

A fresh leak of the main artwork for Season 2 of Fall Guys’highly anticipated season 2 has offered fans an opportunity to see some cool space-themed makeup, because of @FGPancake.

The release date hasn’t been established for season 2 at this time however, it’s expected to debut within the next couple of weeks, with numerous speculations suggesting that it will be released on September 13th. The latest leak from @FGPancake appears to confirm that season 2 will be expected to be released soon, at the very least.

There are many new cosmetics available during the leak such as various cute designs inspired by cats and aliens:

The addition of any cat-themed cosmetics is a sure success, but the leaked artwork also showcases the unique sense of fun that the Fall Guys has always understood and utilized to create its cosmetics.

In spite of all the recent crossovers featuring well-known IPs for example, the massive tie-in to Sonic the Hedgehog, certain ideas is still somewhat inspired by classic content such as Sailor Moon. The space Kraken with the constellations could be a subtle hint toward No Man’s Sky or Solo The Force Awakens: A Star Wars Story.

The space ranger’s outfit is definitely a hit as it is vibrant and well-detailed. The overall variety of space imagery is effective in general, even with less elaborate outfits such as the astronauts (all eyes are on Artemis 1).

In the end, fans expressed joy over the new art and it also suggests the type of gameplay we can be expecting in season 2. Space levels, playing with rockets, gravity satellites, and much many more will likely fill season 2’s original episodes.

As of now at this point, at this point, The Fall Guysdevs haven’t made any official announcements for season 2. They’re still focused on the current activities, including Tip Toe Tournament: Tip Toe Tournament.



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