Fans think Haggar may have died in the Street Fighter 6 memorial

The next chapter in the Street Fighter saga will be published in 2023. You can soon study your favorite street fighters, Ryu and Chun Li – regardless of their ability. This latest footage might prove that Mayor Mike Haggar is dead.

Reddit user Shreeder4092 brought the matter to our attention by sharing a screenshot of the most recent game from the State of Play stream. Shreeder4092 and others believe the Mike Haggar Metro City Revitalization Memorial is the subject of the picture. Although the mayor might have received a token of appreciation for his hard work, Street Fighter 6 may be a good place to remember him.

He should have been able to skip the next game. It would also have given him a challenge as a street fighter. He is the only one who can compete in all these brawlers. And, since he was a Marvel vs. Capcom fighter, he wasn’t on the Street Fighter roster. We want Street Fighter veterans to be in the game. Haggar has never been awarded this honor. Haggar is not even on the leaked roster.

This is just fan speculation. We don’t know if Capcom has any official information on Haggars status. We know at the very minimum that Ryu, Chun-Li, Luke, and Jamie are all playable characters.

Street Fighter 6 will be released next year. However, we do not have any specific release dates beyond that. This is the first Street Fighter game to appear on Xbox in more than a decade.

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